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Binding of ATP to heat shock protein 90: evidence for an ATP-binding site in the C-terminal domain
C Garnier, D Lafitte, PO Tsvetkov, P Barbier, J Leclerc-Devin, JM Millot, ...
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Caulerpenyne from Caulerpa taxifolia has an antiproliferative activity on tumor cell line SK-N-SH and modifies the microtubule network
P Barbier, S Guise, P Huitorel, P Amade, D Pesando, C Briand, V Peyrot
Life Sciences 70 (4), 415-429, 2001
The glutamine-rich region of the HIV-1 Tat protein is involved in T-cell apoptosis
GR Campbell, E Pasquier, J Watkins, V Bourgarel-Rey, V Peyrot, ...
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New insights into the antibacterial mechanism of action of squalamine
K Alhanout, S Malesinki, N Vidal, V Peyrot, JM Rolain, JM Brunel
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NMR investigation of the interaction between the neuronal protein tau and the microtubules
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Stathmin and interfacial microtubule inhibitors recognize a naturally curved conformation of tubulin dimers
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Alzheimer disease specific phosphoepitopes of Tau interfere with assembly of tubulin but not binding to microtubules
L Amniai, P Barbier, A Sillen, JM Wieruszeski, V Peyrot, G Lippens, ...
The FASEB Journal 23 (4), 1146-1152, 2009
Heat-Shock Protein 90 (hsp90) Bindsin Vitroto Tubulin Dimer and Inhibits Microtubule Formation
C Garnier, P Barbier, R Gilli, C Lopez, V Peyrot, C Briand
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A novel chalcone derivative which acts as a microtubule depolymerising agent and an inhibitor of P-gp and BCRP in in-vitro and in-vivoglioblastoma models
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Interaction of 4-arylcoumarin analogues of combretastatins with microtubule network of HBL100 cells and binding to tubulin
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Solution structure of Taxotere-induced microtubules to 3-nm resolution. The change in protofilament number is linked to the binding of the taxol side chain.
JM Andreu, JF Díaz, R Gil, JM De Pereda, MG de Lacoba, V Peyrot, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 269 (50), 31785-31792, 1994
Synthesis and biological evaluation of polymethoxylated 4-heteroarylcoumarins as tubulin assembly inhibitor
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Inhibition of microtubules and cell cycle arrest by a new 1-deaza-7, 8-dihydropteridine antitumor drug, CI 980, and by its chiral isomer, NSC 613863
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HIV-1 Tat protein enhances microtubule polymerization
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Apo‐Hsp90 coexists in two open conformational states in solution
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Biology of the Cell 100 (7), 413-425, 2008
Mechanism of binding of the new antimitotic drug MDL 27048 to the colchicine site of tubulin: equilibrium studies
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Discovery of a new family of bis-8-hydroxyquinoline substituted benzylamines with pro-apoptotic activity in cancer cells: Synthesis, structure–activity relationship, and action …
V Moret, Y Laras, T Cresteil, G Aubert, DQ Ping, C Di, ...
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Tau induces ring and microtubule formation from αβ-tubulin dimers under nonassembly conditions
F Devred, P Barbier, S Douillard, O Monasterio, JM Andreu, V Peyrot
Biochemistry 43 (32), 10520-10531, 2004
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