Nathan Goehring
Nathan Goehring
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Diverse paths to midcell: assembly of the bacterial cell division machinery
NW Goehring, J Beckwith
Current Biology 15 (13), R514-R526, 2005
Polarization of PAR proteins by advective triggering of a pattern-forming system
NW Goehring, PK Trong, JS Bois, D Chowdhury, EM Nicola, AA Hyman, ...
Science 334 (6059), 1137-1141, 2011
Organelle growth control through limiting pools of cytoplasmic components
NW Goehring, AA Hyman
Current Biology 22 (9), R330-R339, 2012
Cell polarity: mechanochemical patterning
NW Goehring, SW Grill
Trends in cell biology 23 (2), 72-80, 2013
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J Rodriguez, F Peglion, J Martin, L Hubatsch, J Reich, N Hirani, ...
Developmental cell 42 (4), 400-415. e9, 2017
IcsA, a polarly localized autotransporter with an atypical signal peptide, uses the Sec apparatus for secretion, although the Sec apparatus is circumferentially distributed
LD Brandon, N Goehring, A Janakiraman, AW Yan, T Wu, J Beckwith, ...
Molecular microbiology 50 (1), 45-60, 2003
Premature targeting of cell division proteins to midcell reveals hierarchies of protein interactions involved in divisome assembly
NW Goehring, MD Gonzalez, J Beckwith
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Premature targeting of a cell division protein to midcell allows dissection of divisome assembly in Escherichia coli
NW Goehring, F Gueiros-Filho, J Beckwith
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Rapid β-lactam-induced lysis requires successful assembly of the cell division machinery
HS Chung, Z Yao, NW Goehring, R Kishony, J Beckwith, D Kahne
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PAR proteins diffuse freely across the anterior–posterior boundary in polarized C. elegans embryos
NW Goehring, C Hoege, SW Grill, AA Hyman
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Membrane invaginations reveal cortical sites that pull on mitotic spindles in one-cell C. elegans embryos
S Redemann, J Pecreaux, NW Goehring, K Khairy, EHK Stelzer, ...
PloS one 5 (8), e12301, 2010
LGL can partition the cortex of one-cell Caenorhabditis elegans embryos into two domains
C Hoege, AT Constantinescu, A Schwager, NW Goehring, P Kumar, ...
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Guiding self-organized pattern formation in cell polarity establishment
P Gross, KV Kumar, NW Goehring, JS Bois, C Hoege, F Jülicher, SW Grill
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FRAP analysis of membrane-associated proteins: lateral diffusion and membrane-cytoplasmic exchange
NW Goehring, D Chowdhury, AA Hyman, SW Grill
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Percussive Foraging: Stimuli for Prey Location by Aye-Ayes (Daubentonia madagascariensis)
CJ Erickson, S Nowicki, L Dollar, N Goehring
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Parameter-space topology of models for cell polarity
PK Trong, EM Nicola, NW Goehring, KV Kumar, SW Grill
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Intracellular scaling mechanisms
S Reber, NW Goehring
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 7 (12), a019067, 2015
Role for the nonessential N terminus of FtsN in divisome assembly
NW Goehring, C Robichon, J Beckwith
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A cell-size threshold limits cell polarity and asymmetric division potential
L Hubatsch, F Peglion, JD Reich, NTL Rodrigues, N Hirani, ...
Nature Physics 15 (10), 1078-1085, 2019
PAR polarity: From complexity to design principles
NW Goehring
Experimental cell research 328 (2), 258-266, 2014
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