Zhenzhu Li
Zhenzhu Li
Postdoc in Soochow University
E-mail confirmado em pku.edu.cn
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Raman spectra and corresponding strain effects in graphyne and graphdiyne
S Zhang, J Wang, Z Li, R Zhao, L Tong, Z Liu, J Zhang, Z Liu
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Architecture of β‐Graphdiyne‐Containing Thin Film Using Modified Glaser–Hay Coupling Reaction for Enhanced Photocatalytic Property of TiO2
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Nanostructured Bi2S3 encapsulated within three-dimensional N-doped graphene as active and flexible anodes for sodium-ion batteries
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Movement of Dirac points and band gaps in graphyne under rotating strain
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Rationalizing perovskites data for machine learning and materials design
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Superhydrophilic Graphdiyne Accelerates Interfacial Mass/Electron Transportation to Boost Electrocatalytic and Photoelectrocatalytic Water Oxidation Activity
J Li, X Gao, Z Li, JH Wang, XB Li, Z Liu, J Zhang, CH Tung, L Wu.
Advanced Functional Materials, 1808079, 2019
Copper-Containing Carbon Feedstock for Growing Superclean Graphene
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PECVD-derived graphene nanowall/lithium composite anodes towards highly stable lithium metal batteries
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Recent progress in Pb-free stable inorganic double halide perovskites
WY Zhenzhu Li
Journal of Semiconductors 39 (7), 2018
Stability engineering of halide perovskite via machine learning
Z Li, Q Xu, Q Sun, Z Hou, WJ Yin
arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.06042, 2018
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