Itamar Kimchi
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Quantum oscillations from surface Fermi arcs in Weyl and Dirac semimetals
AC Potter, I Kimchi, A Vishwanath
Nature communications 5 (1), 5161, 2014
Landau quantization and quasiparticle interference in the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2
S Jeon, BB Zhou, A Gyenis, BE Feldman, I Kimchi, AC Potter, QD Gibson, ...
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Physics of the Kitaev model: Fractionalization, dynamic correlations, and material connections
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PJW Moll, NL Nair, T Helm, AC Potter, I Kimchi, A Vishwanath, JG Analytis
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KA Modic, TE Smidt, I Kimchi, NP Breznay, A Biffin, S Choi, RD Johnson, ...
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Valence Bonds in Random Quantum Magnets: Theory and Application to
I Kimchi, A Nahum, T Senthil
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Kitaev-Heisenberg-J2-J3 model for the iridates A2IrO3
I Kimchi, YZ You
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SC Williams, RD Johnson, F Freund, S Choi, A Jesche, I Kimchi, S Manni, ...
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A Biffin, RD Johnson, I Kimchi, R Morris, A Bombardi, JG Analytis, ...
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Kitaev-Heisenberg models for iridates on the triangular, hyperkagome, kagome, fcc, and pyrochlore lattices
I Kimchi, A Vishwanath
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Three-dimensional quantum spin liquids in models of harmonic-honeycomb iridates and phase diagram in an infinite- approximation
I Kimchi, JG Analytis, A Vishwanath
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Z Zhu, I Kimchi, DN Sheng, L Fu
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Scaling and data collapse from local moments in frustrated disordered quantum spin systems
I Kimchi, JP Sheckelton, TM McQueen, PA Lee
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TM McCormick, I Kimchi, N Trivedi
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Unified theory of spiral magnetism in the harmonic-honeycomb iridates α, β, and γ-Li2IrO3
I Kimchi, R Coldea, A Vishwanath
Physical Review B 91 (24), 245134, 2015
Dirac metal to topological metal transition at a structural phase change in Au2Pb and prediction of Z2 topology for the superconductor
LM Schoop, LS Xie, R Chen, QD Gibson, SH Lapidus, I Kimchi, ...
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I Kimchi, SA Parameswaran, AM Turner, F Wang, A Vishwanath
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (41), 16378-16383, 2013
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