Davide Boschetto
Davide Boschetto
Professor of Quantum Physics and Statistical Physics, ENSTA ParisTech, Palaiseau, France
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Ultrafast Surface Carrier Dynamics in the Topological Insulator Bi2Te3
M Hajlaoui, E Papalazarou, J Mauchain, G Lantz, N Moisan, D Boschetto, ...
Nano letters 12 (7), 3532-3536, 2012
Tuning a Schottky barrier in a photoexcited topological insulator with transient Dirac cone electron-hole asymmetry
M Hajlaoui, E Papalazarou, J Mauchain, L Perfetti, A Taleb-Ibrahimi, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 3003, 2014
Small atomic displacements recorded in bismuth by the optical reflectivity of femtosecond laser-pulse excitations
D Boschetto, EG Gamaly, AV Rode, B Luther-Davies, D Glijer, T Garl, ...
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K Ta Phuoc, R Fitour, A Tafzi, T Garl, N Artemiev, R Shah, F Albert, ...
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Spectral broadening and pulse duration reduction during cross-polarized wave generation: influence of the quadratic spectral phase
A Jullien, L Canova, O Albert, D Boschetto, L Antonucci, YH Cha, ...
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G Lantz, B Mansart, D Grieger, D Boschetto, N Nilforoushan, ...
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J Faure, J Mauchain, E Papalazarou, M Marsi, D Boschetto, I Timrov, ...
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D Boschetto, L Malard, CH Lui, KF Mak, Z Li, H Yan, TF Heinz
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Birth and decay of coherent optical phonons in femtosecond-laser-excited bismuth
T Garl, EG Gamaly, D Boschetto, AV Rode, B Luther-Davies, A Rousse
Physical Review B 78 (13), 134302, 2008
Observation of a coherent optical phonon in the iron pnictide superconductor Ba (Fe 1− x Co x) 2 As 2 (x= 0.06 and 0.08)
B Mansart, D Boschetto, A Savoia, F Rullier-Albenque, A Forget, D Colson, ...
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Coherence-based transverse measurement of synchrotron x-ray radiation from relativistic laser-plasma interaction and laser-accelerated electrons
RC Shah, F Albert, KT Phuoc, O Shevchenko, D Boschetto, A Pukhov, ...
Physical Review E 74 (4), 045401, 2006
Spatial coherence properties of a compact and ultrafast laser-produced plasma keV x-ray source
D Boschetto, G Mourou, A Rousse, A Mordovanakis, B Hou, J Nees, ...
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Electroluminescence from Nanocrystals above 2 µm
J Qu, M Weis, E Izquierdo, SG Mizrahi, A Chu, C Dabard, C Gréboval, ...
Nature Photonics 16 (1), 38-44, 2022
Photon number statistics uncover the fluctuations in non-equilibrium lattice dynamics
M Esposito, K Titimbo, K Zimmermann, F Giusti, F Randi, D Boschetto, ...
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Coherent optical phonons in different phases of Ge2Sb2Te5 upon strong laser excitation
J Hernandez-Rueda, A Savoia, W Gawelda, J Solis, B Mansart, ...
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B Mansart, D Boschetto, S Sauvage, A Rousse, M Marsi
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I González Vallejo, G Gallé, B Arnaud, SA Scott, MG Lagally, D Boschetto, ...
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Local response to light excitation in the charge-ordered phase of (EDO− TTF) 2 Sb F 6
M Servol, N Moisan, E Collet, H Cailleau, W Kaszub, L Toupet, ...
Physical Review B 92 (2), 024304, 2015
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