Anton Kuzyk
Anton Kuzyk
Associate professor, Aalto University
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DNA-based self-assembly of chiral plasmonic nanostructures with tailored optical response
A Kuzyk, R Schreiber, Z Fan, G Pardatscher, EM Roller, A Högele, ...
Nature 483 (7389), 311-314, 2012
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R Jungmann, C Steinhauer, M Scheible, A Kuzyk, P Tinnefeld, FC Simmel
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Reconfigurable 3D plasmonic metamolecules
A Kuzyk, R Schreiber, H Zhang, AO Govorov, T Liedl, N Liu
Nature materials 13 (9), 862-866, 2014
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GP Acuna, M Bucher, IH Stein, C Steinhauer, A Kuzyk, P Holzmeister, ...
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Vacuum Rabi Splitting and Strong-Coupling Dynamics for Surface-Plasmon Polaritons and Rhodamine 6G Molecules
TK Hakala, JJ Toppari, A Kuzyk, M Pettersson, H Tikkanen, H Kunttu, ...
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R Schreiber, N Luong, Z Fan, A Kuzyk, PC Nickels, T Zhang, DM Smith, ...
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A light-driven three-dimensional plasmonic nanosystem that translates molecular motion into reversible chiroptical function
A Kuzyk, Y Yang, X Duan, S Stoll, AO Govorov, H Sugiyama, M Endo, ...
Nature communications 7, 10591, 2016
DNA origami as a nanoscale template for protein assembly
A Kuzyk, KT Laitinen, P Törmä
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A Kuzyk, B Yurke, JJ Toppari, V Linko, P Törmä
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S Tuukkanen, JJ Toppari, A Kuzyk, L Hirviniemi, VP Hytönen, T Ihalainen, ...
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Selective control of reconfigurable chiral plasmonic metamolecules
A Kuzyk, MJ Urban, A Idili, F Ricci, N Liu
Science Advances 3 (4), e1602803, 2017
Dielectrophoresis of nanoscale double-stranded DNA and humidity effects on its electrical conductivity
S Tuukkanen, A Kuzyk, JJ Toppari, VP Hytönen, T Ihalainen, P Törmä
Applied Physics Letters 87, 183102, 2005
Assembly of Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes on DNA‐Origami Templates through Streptavidin–Biotin Interaction
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Small, 2011
Trapping of 27 bp–8 kbp DNA and immobilization of thiol-modified DNA using dielectrophoresis
S Tuukkanen, A Kuzyk, J Jussi Toppari, H Häkkinen, VP Hytönen, ...
Nanotechnology 18, 295204, 2007
Dielectrophoresis at the nanoscale
A Kuzyk
Electrophoresis 32 (17), 2307-2313, 2011
DNA Origami Route for Nanophotonics
A Kuzyk, R Jungmann, GP Acuna, N Liu
ACS Photonics 5 (4), 1151-1163, 2018
3D plasmonic chiral colloids
X Shen, P Zhan, A Kuzyk, Q Liu, A Asenjo-Garcia, H Zhang, FJG de Abajo, ...
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DNA origami-based nanoribbons: assembly, length distribution, and twist
R Jungmann, M Scheible, A Kuzyk, G Pardatscher, CE Castro, FC Simmel
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Single Molecule Characterization of DNA Binding and Strand Displacement Reactions on Lithographic DNA Origami Microarrays
MB Scheible, G Pardatscher, A Kuzyk, FC Simmel
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Characterization of the Conductance Mechanisms of DNA Origami by AC Impedance Spectroscopy
V Linko, ST Paasonen, A Kuzyk, P Törmä, JJ Toppari
small 5 (21), 2382-2386, 2009
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