Estevao Alves Silva, Researcher
Estevao Alves Silva, Researcher
Mato Grosso State University
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Loss and gains in ant–plant interactions mediated by extrafloral nectar: fidelity, cheats, and lies
K Del-Claro, V Rico-Gray, HM Torezan-Silingardi, E Alves-Silva, ...
Insectes Sociaux 63 (2), 207-221, 2016
Effect of post-fire resprouting on leaf fluctuating asymmetry, extrafloral nectar quality, and ant–plant–herbivore interactions
E Alves-Silva, K Del-Claro
Naturwissenschaften 100 (6), 525-532, 2013
Foraging behavior of Brachygastra lecheguana (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) on Banisteriopsis malifolia (Malpighiaceae): Extrafloral nectar consumption and …
E Alves‐Silva, GJ Barônio, HM Torezan‐Silingardi, K Del‐Claro
Entomological Science 16 (2), 162-169, 2013
Oferta qualitativa e quantitativa de frutos em espécies ornitocóricas do gênero Miconia (Melastomataceae)
PK Maruyama, E Alves-Silva, C Melo
Revista Brasileira de Biociências 5 (1), 672-674, 2007
Fire triggers the activity of extrafloral nectaries, but ants fail to protect the plant against herbivores in a neotropical savanna
E Alves-Silva, K Del-Claro
Arthropod-Plant Interactions 8 (3), 233-240, 2014
The effect of fluctuating asymmetry and leaf nutrients on gall abundance and survivorship
JC Santos, E Alves-Silva, TG Cornelissen, GW Fernandes
Basic and applied ecology 14 (6), 489-495, 2013
Post fire resprouting of Banisteriopsis malifolia (Malpighiaceae) and the role of extrafloral nectaries on the associated ant fauna in a Brazilian Savanna
E Alves-Silva
Sociobiology 58 (2), 327, 2011
Lycaenidae larvae feeding on Peixotoa parviflora (Malpighiaceae) in a semi-deciduous forest in Southeastern Brazil
A Bächtold, E Alves-Silva, K Del-Claro
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 67 (1), 65-67, 2013
Behavioral strategy of a lycaenid (Lepidoptera) caterpillar against aggressive ants in a Brazilian savanna
A Bächtold, E Alves-Silva
acta ethologica 16 (2), 83-90, 2013
The influence of Ditylenchus (Nematoda) galls and shade on the fluctuating asymmetry of Miconia fallax (Melastomataceae)
E Alves-Silva
Ecología Austral 22, 53-61, 2012
Ant–herbivore interactions in an extrafloral nectaried plant: are ants good plant guards against curculionid beetles?
E Alves-Silva, A Bächtold, GJ Barônio, HM Torezan-Silingardi, ...
Journal of natural history 49 (13-14), 841-851, 2015
The role of tending ants in host plant selection and egg parasitism of two facultative myrmecophilous butterflies
A Bächtold, E Alves-Silva, LA Kaminski, K Del-Claro
Naturwissenschaften 101 (11), 913-919, 2014
Influence of Camponotus blandus (Formicinae) and flower buds on the occurrence of Parrhasius polibetes (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in Banisteriopsis malifolia (Malpighiaceae)
E Alves-Silva, A Bächtold, GJ Barônio, K Del-Claro
Sociobiology 60 (1), 30-34, 2013
On the inability of ants to protect their plant partners and the effect of herbivores on different stages of plant reproduction
E Alves‐Silva, K Del‐Claro
Austral Ecology 41 (3), 263-272, 2016
Herbivory-induced stress: Leaf developmental instability is caused by herbivore damage in early stages of leaf development
E Alves-Silva, K Del-Claro
Ecological indicators 61, 359-365, 2016
On the relationship between fluctuating asymmetry, sunlight exposure, leaf damage and flower set in Miconia fallax (Melastomataceae)
HV Silva, E Alves-Silva, JC Santos
Tropical Ecology 57 (3), 419-427, 2016
Leaf phenotypic variation and developmental instability in relation to different light regimes
H Venâncio, E Alves-Silva, JC Santos
Acta Botanica Brasilica 30 (2), 296-303, 2016
Parasites in the neighbourhood: Interactions of the mistletoe Phoradendron affine (Viscaceae) with its dispersers and hosts in urban areas of Brazil
PK Maruyama, C Mendes-Rodrigues, E Alves-Silva, AF Cunha
Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants, 2012
Thrips in the Neotropics: What do we know so far
E Alves-Silva, K Del-Claro
Trends Entomol 6 (1), 77-88, 2010
Ecologia Comportamental: uma ferramenta para a compreensão das relações animais-plantas
K Del-Claro, HM Torezan-Silingardi, C Belchior, EA Silva
Oecologia Brasiliensis 13 (1), 16-26, 2009
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