Aveek Bid
Aveek Bid
Indian Institute of Science
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Temperature dependence of the resistance of metallic nanowires of diameter : Applicability of Bloch-Grüneisen theorem
A Bid, A Bora, AK Raychaudhuri
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 74 (3), 035426, 2006
Observation of neutral modes in the fractional quantum Hall regime
A Bid, N Ofek, H Inoue, M Heiblum, CL Kane, V Umansky, D Mahalu
Nature 466 (7306), 585-590, 2010
Role of interactions in an electronic Fabry–Perot interferometer operating in the quantum Hall effect regime
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A Bid, N Ofek, M Heiblum, V Umansky, D Mahalu
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Transmission phase of a singly occupied quantum dot in the Kondo regime
M Zaffalon, A Bid, M Heiblum, D Mahalu, V Umansky
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A Bid, A Guha, AK Raychaudhuri
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Correlated Conductance Fluctuations Close to the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition<? format?> in Ultrathin NbN Films
R Koushik, S Kumar, KR Amin, M Mondal, J Jesudasan, A Bid, ...
Physical review letters 111 (19), 197001, 2013
Role of different scattering mechanisms on the temperature dependence of transport in graphene
S Sarkar, KR Amin, R Modak, A Singh, S Mukerjee, A Bid
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1/f noise in nanowires
A Bid, A Bora, AK Raychaudhuri
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Observation of large low-frequency resistance fluctuations in metallic nanowires: Implications on its stability
A Bid, A Bora, AK Raychaudhuri
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Crumpled sheets of reduced graphene oxide as a highly sensitive, robust and versatile strain/pressure sensor
S Kundu, R Sriramdas, KR Amin, A Bid, R Pratap, N Ravishankar
Nanoscale 9 (27), 9581-9588, 2017
A set-up for measurement of low frequency conductance fluctuation (noise) using digital signal processing techniques
A Ghosh, S Kar, A Bid, AK Raychaudhuri
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Effect of ambient on the resistance fluctuations of graphene
KR Amin, A Bid
Applied Physics Letters 106 (18), 2015
Cathodoluminescence enhancement and quenching in type-I van der Waals heterostructures: Cleanliness of the interfaces and defect creation
G Nayak, S Lisi, WL Liu, T Jakubczyk, P Stepanov, F Donatini, ...
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Graphene as a sensor
KR Amin, A Bid
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Anharmonicity in Raman-active phonon modes in atomically thin
S Sarkar, I Maity, HL Pradeepa, G Nayak, L Marty, J Renard, J Coraux, ...
Physical Review B 101 (20), 205302, 2020
Correlated non-Gaussian phase fluctuations in heterointerfaces
GN Daptary, S Kumar, P Kumar, A Dogra, N Mohanta, A Taraphder, A Bid
Physical Review B 94 (8), 085104, 2016
Electric-field-tunable valley zeeman effect in bilayer graphene heterostructures: Realization of the spin-orbit valve effect
P Tiwari, SK Srivastav, A Bid
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High-performance sensors based on resistance fluctuations of single-layer-graphene transistors
KR Amin, A Bid
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (35), 19825-19830, 2015
Electrical and Chemical Tuning of Exciton Lifetime in Monolayer MoS2 for Field-Effect Transistors
P HL, P Mondal, A Bid, JK Basu
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (1), 641-647, 2019
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