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MOOSE: Enabling massively parallel multiphysics simulation
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2.0-MOOSE: Enabling massively parallel multiphysics simulation
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Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Calculations of Ehrenfest Dynamics of Laser Controlled Dissociation of NO+: Pulse Length and Sequential Multiple …
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MOOSE Web page
B Alger, D Andrš, RW Carlsen, DR Gaston, F Kong, AD Lindsay, JM Miller, ...
Coupled multiphysics transient simulations of the MK1-FHR reactor using the finite volume capabilities of the MOOSE framework
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A Highly Parallel Multilevel Newton--Krylov--Schwarz Method with Subspace-Based Coarsening and Partition-Based Balancing for the Multigroup Neutron Transport Equation on Three …
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Full-core analysis of thorium-fueled Molten Salt Breeder Reactor using the SERPENT 2 Monte Carlo code
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Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, 1343-1346, 2017
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