Cintia Kawai
Cintia Kawai
Universidade Federal do ABC
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pH-Dependent interaction of cytochrome c with mitochondrial mimetic membranes: the role of an array of positively charged amino acids
C Kawai, FM Prado, GLC Nunes, P Di Mascio, AM Carmona-Ribeiro, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (41), 34709-34717, 2005
Protective role of mitochondrial unsaturated lipids on the preservation of the apoptotic ability of cytochrome C exposed to singlet oxygen
T Rodrigues, LP de França, C Kawai, PA de Faria, KCU Mugnol, ...
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Not Only Oxidation of Cardiolipin Affects the Affinity of Cytochrome c for Lipid Bilayers
C Kawai, JC Ferreira, MS Baptista, IL Nantes
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Towards the mechanisms involved in the antioxidant action of Mn III [meso-tetrakis (4-N-methyl pyridinium) porphyrin] in mitochondria
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Photodamage in a Mitochondrial Membrane Model Modulated by the Topology of Cationic and Anionic Meso‐Tetrakis Porphyrin Free Bases
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Interaction and reaction of the antioxidant MnIII [meso-tetrakis (4-Nmethyi pyridinium) porphyrin] with the apoptosis reporter lipid phosphatidylserine
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Cardiolipin Structure and Oxidation Are Affected by Ca2+ at the Interface of Lipid Bilayers
ÉGA Miranda, JC Araujo-Chaves, C Kawai, AMM Brito, IWR Dias, ...
Frontiers in chemistry 7, 930, 2020
Effect of oxidized lipid containing hydroperoxide or carboxylic acid group on interaction of cytochromecto model mitochondrial membrane: D2. 21
C Kawai, I Nantes, M Baptista
The Febs Journal 277, 224-225, 2010
Protective Role of Mitochondrial Unsaturated Lipids on the Preservation of the Apoptotic Ability of Cytochrome c...
I Nantes, C Kawai
THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 282 (35), 25577-25587, 2007
Effect of Photodamage in Negatively Charged Membranes Promoted by TMPyP and TPPS4 Free Base in a Model of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
C Kawai, J Casares Araujo-Chaves, SM de Souza Pinto, F Bettanin, ...
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 53 (2), 2, 2012
Effect of the Medium on the Rate of Oxidative Attack Promoted by Photo-Excited TMPyP and TPPS4
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Efeito do Raio de Curvatura, do Teor dos Lipídios Ácidos Cardiolipina e Fosfatidilserina e da Presença de Citocromo c na Estabilidade Coloidal e Permeabilidade a Prótons de …
CV Graves, C Kawai, AMC Ribeiro, IL Nantes
I Encontro de Iniciação Científica-2011 (ENCERRADO), 2011
The array of cytochrome c lysine residues influences the association of the protein with mitochondrial mimetic membranes
VA Milicchio, C Kawai, IL Nantes, P Di Mascio, AM Carmona-Ribeiro
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