Raphael Pavani
Raphael Pavani
Laboratory of Genome Integrity/NCI/NIH
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Neuronal enhancers are hotspots for DNA single-strand break repair
W Wu, SE Hill, WJ Nathan, J Paiano, E Callen, D Wang, K Shinoda, ...
Nature 593, 440–444, 2021
53BP1 enforces distinct pre-and post-resection blocks on homologous recombination
E Callen, D Zong, W Wu, N Wong, A Stanlie, M Ishikawa, R Pavani, ...
Molecular cell 77 (1), 26-38, 2020
Active DNA demethylation promotes cell fate specification and the DNA damage response
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Nuclear DNA replication in trypanosomatids: there are no easy methods for solving difficult problems
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CTCF is a barrier for 2C-like reprogramming
T Olbrich, M Vega-Sendino, D Tillo, W Wu, N Zolnerowich, R Pavani, ...
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Consequences of acute oxidative stress in Leishmania amazonensis: From telomere shortening to the selection of the fittest parasites
MS da Silva, M Segatto, RS Pavani, F Gutierrez-Rodrigues, ...
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Replication Protein A Presents Canonical Functions and Is Also Involved in the Differentiation Capacity of Trypanosoma cruzi
RS Pavani, MS da Silva, CAH Fernandes, FS Morini, CB Araujo, ...
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 10 (12), e0005181, 2016
The glutamine synthetase of Trypanosoma cruzi is required for its resistance to ammonium accumulation and evasion of the parasitophorous vacuole during host …
M Crispim, FS Damasceno, A Hernández, MJ Barisón, I Pretto Sauter, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 12 (1), e0006170, 2018
Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase-Telomere Association Correlates with Redox Status in Trypanosoma cruzi
R Pariona-Llanos, RS Pavani, M Reis, V Noel, AM Silber, HA Armelin, ...
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Recruitment kinetics of the homologous recombination pathway in procyclic forms of Trypanosoma brucei after ionizing radiation treatment
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RPA-1 from Leishmania amazonensis (LaRPA-1) structurally differs from other eukaryote RPA-1 and interacts with telomeric DNA via its N-terminal OB-fold domain
RS Pavani, C Fernandes, AM Perez, EJR Vasconcelos, JL Siqueira-Neto, ...
FEBS letters 588 (24), 4740-4748, 2014
S1-END-seq reveals DNA secondary structures in human cells
G Matos-Rodrigues, N van Wietmarschen, W Wu, V Tripathi, NC Koussa, ...
Molecular cell 82 (19), 3538-3552. e5, 2022
Replication Protein A‐1 Has a Preference for the Telomeric G‐rich Sequence in Trypanosoma cruzi
RS Pavani, MO Vitarelli, CAH Fernandes, FF Mattioli, M Morone, ...
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 65 (3), 345-356, 2018
DNA-PK promotes DNA end resection at DNA double strand breaks in G0 cells
FC Fowler, BR Chen, N Zolnerowich, W Wu, R Pavani, J Paiano, C Peart, ...
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ATR Kinase Is a Crucial Player Mediating the DNA Damage Response in Trypanosoma brucei
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Frontiers in cell and developmental biology 8, 602956, 2020
Nuclear export of replication protein A in the nonreplicative infective forms of Trypanosoma cruzi
RS Pavani, LP de Lima, AA Lima, CAH Fernandes, SP Fragoso, ...
FEBS letters 594 (10), 1596–1607, 2020
EXO1 protects BRCA1-deficient cells against toxic DNA lesions
B van de Kooij, A Schreuder, R Pavani, V Garzero, S Uruci, TJ Wendel, ...
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Structure and repair of replication-coupled DNA breaks
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Science, eado3867, 2024
Following Trypanosoma cruzi RPA-DNA Interaction Using Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization Coupled with Immunofluorescence (FISH/IF).
RS Pavani, MC Elias
Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, NJ) 2281, 209-215, 2021
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