Eduard Driessen
Eduard Driessen
IRAM, Grenoble
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High-contrast dispersive readout of a superconducting flux qubit using a nonlinear resonator
A Lupaşcu, EFC Driessen, L Roschier, C Harmans, JE Mooij
Physical review letters 96 (12), 127003, 2006
Strongly Disordered TiN and NbTiN s-Wave Superconductors Probed by Microwave Electrodynamics
EFC Driessen, P Coumou, RR Tromp, PJ de Visser, TM Klapwijk
Physical Review Letters 109 (10), 107003, 2012
Critical-current reduction in thin superconducting wires due to current crowding
HL Hortensius, EFC Driessen, TM Klapwijk, KK Berggren, JR Clem
Applied Physics Letters 100 (18), 182602, 2012
The perfect absorber
EFC Driessen, MJA De Dood
Applied Physics Letters 94, 171109, 2009
Low-frequency noise in Josephson junctions for superconducting qubits
J Eroms, LC Van Schaarenburg, EFC Driessen, JH Plantenberg, ...
Applied physics letters 89, 122516, 2006
One-and two-photon spectroscopy of a flux qubit coupled to a microscopic defect
A Lupascu, P Bertet, EFC Driessen, C Harmans, JE Mooij
Physical Review B 80, 172506, 2008
Impedance model for the polarization-dependent optical absorption of superconducting single-photon detectors
EFC Driessen, FR Braakman, EM Reiger, SN Dorenbos, V Zwiller, ...
European Physical Journal- Applied Physics 47 (1), 10701, 2009
Electrodynamic response and local tunneling spectroscopy of strongly disordered superconducting TiN films
P Coumou, EFC Driessen, J Bueno, C Chapelier, TM Klapwijk
Physical Review B 88 (18), 180505, 2013
A kilo-pixel imaging system for future space based far-infrared observatories using microwave kinetic inductance detectors
JJA Baselmans, J Bueno, SJC Yates, O Yurduseven, N Llombart, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 601, A89, 2017
The NIKA2 large-field-of-view millimetre continuum camera for the 30 m IRAM telescope
R Adam, A Adane, PAR Ade, P André, A Andrianasolo, H Aussel, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 609, A115, 2018
Observation of coupling between surface plasmons in index-matched hole arrays
MJA de Dood, EFC Driessen, D Stolwijk, MP van Exter
Physical Review B 77 (11), 115437, 2008
Anomalous response of superconducting titanium nitride resonators to terahertz radiation
J Bueno, P Coumou, G Zheng, PJ de Visser, TM Klapwijk, EFC Driessen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (19), 192601, 2014
The effect of magnetic field on the intrinsic detection efficiency of superconducting single-photon detectors
JJ Renema, RJ Rengelink, I Komen, Q Wang, R Gaudio, KPM op't Hoog, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (9), 092602, 2015
Microwave properties of superconducting atomic-layer deposited TiN films
P Coumou, MR Zuiddam, EFC Driessen, PJ de Visser, JJA Baselmans, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1212.4434, 2012
Microwave-induced nonequilibrium temperature in a suspended carbon nanotube
HL Hortensius, A Öztürk, P Zeng, EFC Driessen, TM Klapwijk
Applied Physics Letters 100 (22), 223112, 2012
Enhanced coupling of plasmons in hole arrays with periodic dielectric antennas
D Stolwijk, EFC Driessen, MA Verschuuren, GW Hooft, MP van Exter, ...
Optics letters 33 (4), 363-365, 2008
Possible Indications of Electronic Inhomogeneities in Superconducting Nanowire Detectors
HL Hortensius, EFC Driessen, TM Klapwijk
Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on 23 (3), 2200705-2200705, 2013
Asymmetry reversal in the reflection from a two-dimensional photonic crystal
EFC Driessen, D Stolwijk, MJA De Dood
Optics letters 32 (21), 3137-3139, 2007
First Sunyaev–Zel’dovich mapping with the NIKA2 camera: Implication of cluster substructures for the pressure profile and mass estimate
F Ruppin, F Mayet, GW Pratt, R Adam, P Ade, P André, M Arnaud, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 615, A112, 2018
Uniform Non-stoichiometric Titanium Nitride Thin Films for Improved Kinetic Inductance Detector Arrays
G Coiffard, KF Schuster, EFC Driessen, S Pignard, M Calvo, A Catalano, ...
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 184 (3-4), 654-660, 2016
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