Thomas Dame
Thomas Dame
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
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Planck 2015 results-xiii. cosmological parameters
PAR Ade, N Aghanim, M Arnaud, M Ashdown, J Aumont, C Baccigalupi, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 594, A13, 2016
The Milky Way in molecular clouds: a new complete CO survey
TM Dame, D Hartmann, P Thaddeus
The Astrophysical Journal 547 (2), 792, 2001
EGRET observations of the diffuse gamma-ray emission from the galactic plane
SD Hunter, DL Bertsch, JR Catelli, TM Dame, SW Digel, BL Dingus, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 481 (1), 205, 1997
A composite CO survey of the entire Milky Way
TM Dame, H Ungerechts, RS Cohen, EJ De Geus, IA Grenier, J May, ...
Astrophysical Journal 322, 706, 1987
Trigonometric parallaxes of high mass star forming regions: the structure and kinematics of the Milky Way
MJ Reid, KM Menten, A Brunthaler, XW Zheng, TM Dame, Y Xu, Y Wu, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 783 (2), 130, 2014
Galactic structure from the Spacelab infrared telescope. II-Luminosity models of the Milky Way
SM Kent, TM Dame, G Fazio
The Astrophysical Journal 378, 131-138, 1991
The largest molecular cloud complexes in the first galactic quadrant
TM Dame, BG Elmegreen, RS Cohen, P Thaddeus
The Astrophysical Journal 305, 892-908, 1986
Nonthermal X-ray emission from the shell-type supernova remnant G347. 3–0.5
P Slane, BM Gaensler, TM Dame, JP Hughes, PP Plucinsky, A Green
The Astrophysical Journal 525 (1), 357, 1999
A complete CO survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud
RS Cohen, TM Dame, G Garay Brignardello, J Montani, M Rubio, ...
Diffuse gamma-ray emission in the galactic plane from cosmic-ray, matter, and photon interactions
DL Bertsch, TM Dame, CE Fichtel, SD Hunter, P Sreekumar, JG Stacy, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 416, 587, 1993
Molecular clouds in the milky way
M Heyer, TM Dame
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 53, 583-629, 2015
The radial distribution of galactic gamma rays. III-The distribution of cosmic rays in the Galaxy and the CO-H2 calibration
J Bloemen, AW Strong, HA Mayer-Hasselwander, L Blitz, RS Cohen, ...
Astronomy and Astrophysics 154, 25-41, 1986
A Wide Latitiude CO Survey of Molecular Clouds in the Northern Milky Way
TM Dame, P Thaddeus
International Astronomical Union Colloquium 81, 235-238, 1984
Molecular clouds and star formation in the inner galaxy-A comparison of CO, H II, and far-infrared surveys
PC Myers, TM Dame, P Thaddeus, RS Cohen, RF Silverberg, E Dwek, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 301, 398-422, 1986
Supernova remnants and γ-ray sources
DF Torres, GE Romero, TM Dame, JA Combi, YM Butt
Physics Reports 382 (6), 303-380, 2003
Molecular clouds and galactic spiral structure
RS Cohen, H Cong, TM Dame, P Thaddeus
The Astrophysical Journal 239, L53-L56, 1980
Planck early results. XIX. All-sky temperature and dust optical depth from Planck and IRAS. Constraints on the “dark gas” in our Galaxy
PAR Ade, N Aghanim, M Arnaud, M Ashdown, J Aumont, C Baccigalupi, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 536, A19, 2011
The distribution of neutral gas in the Milky Way
TM Dame
AIP Conference Proceedings 278 (1), 267-278, 1992
On the nature of the local spiral arm of the Milky Way
Y Xu, JJ Li, MJ Reid, KM Menten, XW Zheng, A Brunthaler, L Moscadelli, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 769 (1), 15, 2013
Enhanced CO J= 2-1/J= 1-0 ratio as a marker of supernova remnant-molecular cloud interactions: The CASES of W44 and IC 443
M Seta, T Hasegawa, TM Dame, S Sakamoto, T Oka, T Handa, M Hayashi, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 505 (1), 286, 1998
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