Emanuele Francesco Pecora
Emanuele Francesco Pecora
Advanced Solar Energy R&D Specialist, Solar Energy Technologies Office, US Department of Energy
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Citado por
Photonic–plasmonic coupling of GaAs single nanowires to optical nanoantennas
A Casadei, EF Pecora, J Trevino, C Forestiere, D Rüffer, ...
Nano letters 14 (5), 2271-2278, 2014
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A Irrera, P Artoni, F Iacona, EF Pecora, G Franzò, M Galli, B Fazio, ...
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Sub-250 nm room-temperature optical gain from AlGaN/AlN multiple quantum wells with strong band-structure potential fluctuations
E Francesco Pecora, W Zhang, A Yu. Nikiforov, L Zhou, DJ Smith, J Yin, ...
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S Mirabella, D De Salvador, E Bruno, E Napolitani, EF Pecora, S Boninelli, ...
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A Capretti, EF Pecora, C Forestiere, L Dal Negro, G Miano
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Role of the Si excess on the excitation of Er doped SiO
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Kinetics of Si and Ge nanowires growth through electron beam evaporation
P Artoni, EF Pecora, A Irrera, F Priolo
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SJ Kim, J Park, M Esfandyarpour, EF Pecora, PG Kik, ML Brongersma
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Rare earth doped Si-rich ZnO for multiband near-infrared light emitting devices
E Francesco Pecora, TI Murphy, L Dal Negro
Applied Physics Letters 101 (19), 191115, 2012
Antireflection high-index metasurfaces combining Mie and Fabry-Pérot resonances
A Cordaro, J Van De Groep, S Raza, EF Pecora, F Priolo, ML Brongersma
Acs Photonics 6 (2), 453-459, 2019
Heteroepitaxial growth and faceting of Ge nanowires on Si (111) by electron-beam evaporation
EF Pecora, A Irrera, P Artoni, S Boninelli, C Bongiorno, C Spinella, ...
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E Francesco Pecora, A Capretti, G Miano, L Dal Negro
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Polarization properties of deep-ultraviolet optical gain in Al-rich AlGaN structures
EF Pecora, W Zhang, J Yin, R Paiella, L Dal Negro, TD Moustakas
Applied Physics Express 5 (3), 032103, 2012
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