roberta cysneiros
roberta cysneiros
Professor adjunto, Pós-Graduação em Disturbios do Desenvolvimento, Universidade Presbiteriana
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Enhanced QT shortening and persistent tachycardia after generalized seizures
R Surges, CA Scott, MC Walker
Neurology 74 (5), 421-426, 2010
Evaluation of physical exercise habits in Brazilian patients with epilepsy
RM Arida, FA Scorza, M de Albuquerque, RM Cysneiros, RJ de Oliveira, ...
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Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions between zolpidem and caffeine
RM Cysneiros, D Farkas, JS Harmatz, LL Von Moltke, DJ Greenblatt
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 82 (1), 54-62, 2007
Neuroprotective activity of omega-3 fatty acids against epilepsy-induced hippocampal damage: quantification with immunohistochemical for calcium–binding proteins
D Ferrari, RM Cysneiros, CA Scorza, RM Arida, EA Cavalheiro, ...
Epilepsy & Behavior 13 (1), 36-42, 2008
Analysis of cardiac parameters in animals with epilepsy: possible cause of sudden death?
DB Colugnati, PAP Gomes, RM Arida, M Albuquerque, RM Cysneiros, ...
Arquivos de Neuropsiquiatria 63 (4), 1035, 2005
The other side of the coin: beneficiary effect of omega-3 fatty acids in sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
FA Scorza, RM Cysneiros, RM Arida, VC Terra-Bustamante, ...
Epilepsy & Behavior 13 (2), 279-283, 2008
Antihypertensive effect of a standardized aqueous extract of Cecropia glaziovii Sneth in rats: an in vivo approach to the hypotensive mechanism
MTR Lima-Landman, ACR Borges, RM Cysneiros, TCM De Lima, ...
Phytomedicine 14 (5), 314-320, 2007
Exercise paradigms to study brain injury recovery in rodents
RM Arida, FA Scorza, SG da Silva, RM Cysneiros, EA Cavalheiro
American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation 90 (6), 452-465, 2011
Qualitative analysis of hippocampal plastic changes in rats with epilepsy supplemented with oral omega-3 fatty acids
RM Cysneiros, D Ferrari, RM Arida, VC Terra, ACG de Almeida, ...
Epilepsy & Behavior 17 (1), 33-38, 2010
Inhibition of gastric acid secretion by a standardized aqueous extract of Cecropia glaziovii Sneth and underlying mechanism
C Souccar, RM Cysneiros, MM Tanae, LMB Torres, MTR Lima-Landman, ...
Phytomedicine 15 (6-7), 462-469, 2008
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: from the lab to the clinic setting
VC Terra, R Cysneiros, EA Cavalheiro, FA Scorza
Epilepsy & Behavior 26 (3), 415-420, 2013
Mothers of children with cerebral palsy with or without epilepsy: a quality of life perspective
VC Terra, RM Cysneiros, JS Schwartzman, MCTV Teixeira, RM Arida, ...
Disability and rehabilitation 33 (5), 384-388, 2011
Lovastatin reduces neuronal cell death in hippocampal CA1 subfield after pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus: preliminary results
P Rangel, RM Cysneiros, RM Arida, M Albuquerque, DB Colugnati, ...
Arquivos de Neuro-psiquiatria 63 (4), 972-976, 2005
The brain-heart connection: implications for understanding sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
FA Scorza, RM Arida, RM Cysneiros, VC Terra, EYF Sonoda, ...
Cardiology journal 16 (5), 394-399, 2009
Positive impact of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in a dog with drug-resistant epilepsy: a case study
FA Scorza, EA Cavalheiro, RM Arida, VC Terra, CA Scorza, MO Ribeiro, ...
Epilepsy & Behavior 15 (4), 527-528, 2009
Inhibition of histamine-induced bronchospasm in guinea pigs treated with Cecropia glaziovi Sneth and correlation with the in vitro activity in tracheal muscles
S Delarcina, MTR Lima-Landman, C Souccar, RM Cysneiros, MM Tanae, ...
Phytomedicine 14 (5), 328-332, 2007
The effects of alcohol intake and withdrawal on the seizures frequency and hippocampal morphology in rats with epilepsy
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Physical exercise in rats with epilepsy is protective against seizures: evidence of animal studies
RM Arida, FA Scorza, VC Terra, RM Cysneiros, EA Cavalheiro
Arquivos de neuro-psiquiatria 67 (4), 1013-1016, 2009
Altered anxiety-related and abnormal social behaviors in rats exposed to early life seizures
ASS Castelhano, GST Cassane, FA Scorza, RM Cysneiros
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 7, 36, 2013
Seizure occurrence in patients with chronic renal insufficiency in regular hemodialysis program
FA Scorza, M Albuquerque, RM Arida, RM Cysneiros, TMG Henriques, ...
Arquivos de neuro-psiquiatria 63 (3B), 757-760, 2005
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