Ana Paula Moreira Barboza
Ana Paula Moreira Barboza
Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto
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Observation of intense second harmonic generation from MoS atomic crystals
LM Malard, TV Alencar, APM Barboza, KF Mak, AM De Paula
Physical Review B 87 (20), 201401, 2013
Room‐temperature compression‐induced diamondization of few‐layer graphene
APM Barboza, MHD Guimaraes, DVP Massote, LC Campos, ...
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APM Barboza, AP Gomes, BS Archanjo, PT Araujo, A Jorio, AS Ferlauto, ...
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APM Barboza, H Chacham, CK Oliveira, TFD Fernandes, EHM Ferreira, ...
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APM Barboza, H Chacham, BRA Neves
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JS Soares, APM Barboza, PT Araujo, NM Barbosa Neto, D Nakabayashi, ...
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BS Archanjo, APM Barboza, BRA Neves, LM Malard, EHM Ferreira, ...
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Multi-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with recombinant Dengue virus 3 envelope proteins induce significant and specific immune responses in mice
AF Versiani, RG Astigarraga, ESO Rocha, APM Barboza, EG Kroon, ...
Journal of nanobiotechnology 15 (1), 1-13, 2017
Corrosion, wear and wear–corrosion behavior of graphite-like aC: H films deposited on bare and nitrided titanium alloy
TM Manhabosco, APM Barboza, RJC Batista, BRA Neves, IL Müller
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APM Barboza, AP Gomes, H Chacham, BRA Neves
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Experimental and theoretical investigations of monolayer and few-layer talc
AB Alencar, APM Barboza, BS Archanjo, H Chacham, BRA Neves
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Compression-induced modification of boron nitride layers: A conductive two-dimensional bn compound
APM Barboza, MJS Matos, H Chacham, RJC Batista, AB de Oliveira, ...
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Robust nanofabrication of monolayer MoS2 islands with strong photoluminescence enhancement via local anodic oxidation
TFD Fernandes, A De C Gadelha, APM Barboza, RM Paniago, ...
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Controlling the electrical behavior of semiconducting carbon nanotubes via Tube Contact
APM Barboza, SS Carara, RJC Batista, H Chacham, BRA Neves
small 8 (2), 220-224, 2012
Propriedades eletromecânicas de nanoestruturas por microscopia de varredura por sonda
APM Barboza
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, 2012
Study of Controlled Release of PMMA‐g‐PEG Copolymer and Derivatives Incorporated with the Indomethacin Drug
MLS Azevedo, BM Silveira, KM Novack, APM Barboza, BRA Neves, ...
Macromolecular Symposia 381 (1), 1800145, 2018
Universal deformation pathways and flexural hardening of nanoscale 2D-material standing folds
H Chacham, APM Barboza, AB de Oliveira, CK de Oliveira, RJC Batista, ...
Nanotechnology 29 (9), 095704, 2018
Labeling PLA-PEG nanocarriers with IR780: physical entrapment versus covalent attachment to polylactide
MGC Machado, G Pound-Lana, MA de Oliveira, EG Lanna, MCP Fialho, ...
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E Silva-Pinto, APM Barboza, BRA Neves
Microscopy and Microanalysis 11 (S03), 26, 2005
Graphene/h-BN heterostructures under pressure: From van der Waals to covalent
APM Barboza, ACR Souza, MJS Matos, JC Brant, TC Barbosa, ...
Carbon 155, 108-113, 2019
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