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High-power (> 10 W) continuous-wave operation from 100-μm-aperture 0.97-μm-emitting Al-free diode lasers
A Al-Muhanna, LJ Mawst, D Botez, DZ Garbuzov, RU Martinelli, ...
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8 W continuous wave front‐facet power from broad‐waveguide Al‐free 980 nm diode lasers
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2.3-2.7-μm room temperature CW operation of InGaAsSb-AlGaAsSb broad waveguide SCH-QW diode lasers
DZ Garbuzov, H Lee, V Khalfin, R Martinelli, JC Connolly, GL Belenky
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In situ combustion measurements of CO with diode-laser absorption near 2.3 µm
J Wang, M Maiorov, DS Baer, DZ Garbuzov, JC Connolly, RK Hanson
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Demonstration of phase correlation in multiwavelength mode-locked semiconductor diode lasers
H Shi, I Nitta, A Schober, PJ Delfyett, G Alphonse, J Connolly
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Morphology-dependent resonances of a microsphere–optical fiber system
G Griffel, S Arnold, D Taskent, A Serpengüzel, J Connolly, N Morris
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Ultralow‐loss broadened‐waveguide high‐power 2 μm AlGaAsSb/InGaAsSb/GaSb separate‐confinement quantum‐well lasers
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High‐power phase‐locked arrays of index‐guided diode lasers
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Continuous-wave operation of broadened-waveguide W quantum-well diode lasers up to
WW Bewley, H Lee, I Vurgaftman, RJ Menna, CL Felix, RU Martinelli, ...
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Multiwavelength mode-locked dense wavelength division multiplexed optical communication systems
JH Abeles, JC Connolly, WE Stephens, RL Camisa
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4 W quasi-continuous-wave output power from 2 μm AlGaAsSb/InGaAsSb single-quantum-well broadened waveguide laser diodes
DZ Garbuzov, RU Martinelli, H Lee, RJ Menna, PK York, LA DiMarco, ...
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Method and apparatus for performing wavelength-conversion using phosphors with light emitting diodes
DZ Garbuzov, JC Connolly, RF Karlicek Jr, IT Ferguson
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Room‐temperature 2.78 μm AlGaAsSb/InGaAsSb quantum‐well lasers
H Lee, PK York, RJ Menna, RU Martinelli, DZ Garbuzov, SY Narayan, ...
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1.5/spl mu/m wavelength, SCH-MQW InGaAsP/InP broadened-waveguide laser diodes with low internal loss and high output power
D Garbuzov, L Xu, SR Forrest, R Menna, R Martinelli, JC Connolly
Electronics Letters 32 (18), 1717, 1996
A potential remote sensor of CO in vehicle exhausts using 2.3 µm diode lasers
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Distributed feedback-channeled substrate planar semiconductor laser
EA Vangieson, PK York, JC Connolly
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High-power separate-confinement heterostructure AlGaAs/GaAs laser diodes with broadened waveguide
DZ Garbuzov, JH Abeles, NA Morris, PD Gardner, AR Triano, MG Harvey, ...
Laser Diodes and Applications II 2682, 20-26, 1996
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