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A universal method to produce low–work function electrodes for organic electronics
Y Zhou, C Fuentes-Hernandez, J Shim, J Meyer, AJ Giordano, H Li, ...
Science 336 (6079), 327-332, 2012
Top‐Gate Organic Field‐Effect Transistors with High Environmental and Operational Stability
DK Hwang, C Fuentes‐Hernandez, J Kim, WJ Potscavage Jr, SJ Kim, ...
Advanced Materials 23 (10), 1293-1298, 2011
Low-voltage InGaZnO thin-film transistors with gate insulator grown by atomic layer deposition
JB Kim, C Fuentes-Hernandez, WJ Potscavage Jr, XH Zhang, B Kippelen
Applied Physics Letters 94 (14), 142107, 2009
Electrical and optical properties of ZnO processed by atomic layer deposition in inverted polymer solar cells
H Cheun, C Fuentes-Hernandez, Y Zhou, WJ Potscavage Jr, SJ Kim, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (48), 20713-20718, 2010
Inverted organic solar cells with ITO electrodes modified with an ultrathin Al 2 O 3 buffer layer deposited by atomic layer deposition
Y Zhou, H Cheun, WJ Potscavage Jr, C Fuentes-Hernandez, S Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (29), 6189-6194, 2010
Solvent and polymer matrix effects on TIPS-pentacene/polymer blend organic field-effect transistors
DK Hwang, C Fuentes-Hernandez, JD Berrigan, Y Fang, J Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (12), 5531-5537, 2012
Flexible and stable solution-processed organic field-effect transistors
DK Hwang, C Fuentes-Hernandez, JB Kim, WJ Potscavage Jr, B Kippelen
Organic Electronics 12 (7), 1108-1113, 2011
High-performance InGaZnO thin-film transistors with high- amorphous gate insulator
JB Kim, C Fuentes-Hernandez, B Kippelen
Applied Physics Letters 93 (24), 242111, 2008
Polymers with carbazole-oxadiazole side chains as ambipolar hosts for phosphorescent light-emitting diodes
Y Zhang, C Zuniga, SJ Kim, D Cai, S Barlow, S Salman, V Coropceanu, ...
Chemistry of Materials 23 (17), 4002-4015, 2011
Low-voltage pentacene organic field-effect transistors with high- gate dielectrics and high stability under bias stress
XH Zhang, SP Tiwari, SJ Kim, B Kippelen
Applied Physics Letters 95 (22), 312, 2009
Nanoscale enzyme reactors in mesoporous carbon for improved performance and lifetime of biosensors and biofuel cells
KY Kwon, J Youn, JH Kim, Y Park, C Jeon, BC Kim, Y Kwon, X Zhao, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 26 (2), 655-660, 2010
ITO-free large-area organic light-emitting diodes with an integrated metal grid
S Choi, SJ Kim, C Fuentes-Hernandez, B Kippelen
Optics express 19 (104), A793-A803, 2011
Efficient green OLED devices with an emissive layer comprised of phosphor-doped carbazole/bis-oxadiazole side-chain polymer blends
SJ Kim, Y Zhang, C Zuniga, S Barlow, SR Marder, B Kippelen
Organic Electronics 12 (3), 492-496, 2011
Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the thin film transistor array substrate
JB Kim, DK Kim, BY Chung
US Patent 9,147,719, 2015
Flexible hybrid complementary inverters with high gain and balanced noise margins using pentacene and amorphous InGaZnO thin-film transistors
JB Kim, C Fuentes-Hernandez, SJ Kim, S Choi, B Kippelen
Organic Electronics 11 (6), 1074-1078, 2010
Systematic reliability study of top-gate p-and n-channel organic field-effect transistors
DK Hwang, C Fuentes-Hernandez, M Fenoll, M Yun, J Park, JW Shim, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (5), 3378-3386, 2014
Integrated organic photovoltaic modules with a scalable voltage output
SH Yoo, WJ Potscavage, B Domercq, J Kim, J Holt, B Kippelen
Applied physics letters 89 (23), 233516, 2006
Metal-oxide complementary inverters with a vertical geometry fabricated on flexible substrates
A Dindar, JB Kim, C Fuentes-Hernandez, B Kippelen
Applied Physics Letters 99 (17), 172104, 2011
Full color organic EL display Panel, manufacturing method thereof and driving circuit thereof
CN Kim, HS Kim, JB Kim, MS Kim
US Patent US 6838819 B2, 2005
Vertically stacked complementary inverters with solution-processed organic semiconductors
JB Kim, C Fuentes-Hernandez, DK Hwang, SP Tiwari, WJ Potscavage Jr, ...
Organic Electronics 12 (7), 1132-1136, 2011
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