Reynaldo Daniel Pinto
Reynaldo Daniel Pinto
Institute of Physics of São Carlos - University of São Paulo - USP
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Synchronous behavior of two coupled electronic neurons
RD Pinto, P Varona, AR Volkovskii, A Szücs, HDI Abarbanel, ...
Physical Review E 62 (2), 2644, 2000
Extended dynamic clamp: controlling up to four neurons using a single desktop computer and interface
RD Pinto, RC Elson, A Szücs, MI Rabinovich, AI Selverston, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 108 (1), 39-48, 2001
Reliable circuits from irregular neurons: a dynamical approach to understanding central pattern generators
AI Selverston, MI Rabinovich, HDI Abarbanel, R Elson, A Szücs, RD Pinto, ...
Journal of Physiology-Paris 94 (5-6), 357-374, 2000
Synaptic modulation of the interspike interval signatures of bursting pyloric neurons
A Szucs, RD Pinto, MI Rabinovich, HDI Abarbanel, AI Selverston
Journal of neurophysiology 89 (3), 1363-1377, 2003
Crisis and intermittence in a leaky-faucet experiment
JC Sartorelli, WM Gonçalves, RD Pinto
Physical Review E 49 (5), 3963, 1994
StdpC: a modern dynamic clamp
T Nowotny, A Szűcs, RD Pinto, AI Selverston
Journal of neuroscience methods 158 (2), 287-299, 2006
Long-range anticorrelations and non-Gaussian behavior of a leaky faucet
TJP Penna, JC Sartorelli, WM Gonçalves, RD Pinto
Physical Review E 52 (3), R2168, 1995
Neural mechanisms underlying the generation of the lobster gastric mill motor pattern
A Selverston, A Szücs, R Huerta, RD Pinto, MB Reyes
Frontiers in neural circuits 3, 12, 2009
A whole cell stochastic model reproduces the irregularities found in the membrane potential of bursting neurons
PV Carelli, MB Reyes, JC Sartorelli, RD Pinto
Journal of neurophysiology, 2005
Inferring statistical complexity in the dripping faucet experiment
WM Gonçalves, RD Pinto, JC Sartorelli, MJ De Oliveira
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 257 (1-4), 385-389, 1998
Hopf bifurcation in a leaky faucet experiment
RD Pinto, WM Gonçalves, JC Sartorelli, MJ De Oliveira
Physical Review E 52 (6), 6896, 1995
Some dynamical aspects of the water drop formation in a leaky faucet
MSF Da Rocha, JC Sartorelli, WM Gonçalves, RD Pinto
Physical Review E 54 (3), 2378, 1996
Simulations in a dripping faucet experiment
A Tufaile, RD Pinto, WM Goncalves, JC Sartorelli
Physics Letters A 255 (1-2), 58-64, 1999
Single synapse information coding in intraburst spike patterns of central pattern generator motor neurons
L Brochini, PV Carelli, RD Pinto
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (34), 12297-12306, 2011
Real-time activity-dependent drug microinjection
P Chamorro, R Levi, FB Rodríguez, RD Pinto, P Varona
BMC Neuroscience 10 (1), P296, 2009
Homoclinic tangency and chaotic attractor disappearance in a dripping faucet experiment
RD Pinto, JC Sartorelli
Physical Review E 61 (1), 342, 2000
Recovery of hidden information through synaptic dynamics
MI Rabinovich, RD Pinto, HDI Abarbanel, E Tumer, G Stiesberg, R Huerta, ...
Network: Computation in Neural Systems 13 (4), 487-501, 2002
Interior crises in a dripping faucet experiment
RD Pinto, WM Gonçalves, JC Sartorelli, IL Caldas, MS Baptista
Physical Review E 58 (3), 4009, 1998
Reliability and precision of neural spike timing: simulation of spectrally broadband synaptic inputs
A Szűcs, A Vehovszky, G Molnar, RD Pinto, HDI Abarbanel
Neuroscience 126 (4), 1063-1073, 2004
Automatic realistic real time stimulation/recording in weakly electric fish: long time behavior characterization in freely swimming fish and stimuli discrimination
CG Forlim, RD Pinto
PLoS One 9 (1), e84885, 2014
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