Philippe Boula de Mareuil
Philippe Boula de Mareuil
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The contribution of prosody to the perception of foreign accent
PB de Mareüil, B Vieru-Dimulescu
Phonetica 63 (4), 247-267, 2006
Investigating syllabic structures and their variation in spontaneous French
M Adda-Decker, PB de Mareüil, G Adda, L Lamel
Speech Communication 46 (2), 119-139, 2005
Towards tokenization evaluation
B Habert, G Adda, M Adda-Decker, PB de Marëuil, S Ferrari, O Ferret, ...
Proceedings of LREC 98, 427-431, 1998
Objective evaluation of grapheme to phoneme conversion for text-to-speech synthesis in French
F Yvon, PB De Mareüil, V Aubergé, M Bagein, G Bailly, F Béchet, ...
Computer Speech & Language 12 (4), 393-410, 1998
Characterisation and identification of non-native French accents
B Vieru, PB De Mareueil, M Adda-Decker
Speech communication 53 (3), 292-310, 2011
A quantitative study of disfluencies in French broadcast interviews
PB Mareüil, B Habert, F Bénard, M Adda-Decker, C Barras, G Adda, ...
Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech, 2005
Pronunciation variants in French: schwa & liaison
M Adda-Decker, P Boula de Mareüil, L Lamel
Proceedings of the XIVth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 2239-2242, 1999
Generation of emotions by a morphing technique in English, French and Spanish
PB Mareüil, P Célérier, J Toen
Speech Prosody 2002, International Conference, 2002
Liaisons in French: a corpus-based study using morpho-syntactic information
PB De Mareüil, M Adda-Decker, V Gendner
Proc. of the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 2003
A disfluency study for cleaning spontaneous speech automatic transcripts and improving speech language models
M Adda-Decker, B Habert, C Barras, G Adda, PB Mareuil, P Paroubek
ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech, 2003
Contribution of prosody to the perception of Spanish/Italian accents
PB de Mareüi1l, G Marotta, M Adda-Deckerl
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Speech Prosody, 2004
Role of segmental and suprasegmental cues in the perception of maghrebian-acented French
B Brahimi, PB Mareuil, C Gendrot
Eighth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, 2004
Étude linguistique appliquée à la synthèse de la parole à partir du texte
P Boula de Mareüil
Paris 11, 1997
Identifying a language or an accent: from segments to prosody
J Vaissière, PB de Mareüil
Accents étrangers et régionaux en français. Caractérisation et identification
P Boula de Mareüil, B Vieru-Dimulescu, C Woehrling, M Adda-Decker
Traitement Automatique des Langues 49 (3), 135-163, 2008
Identification d'accents régionaux en français: Perception et analyse
C Woehrling, P Boula de Mareuil
Revue PArole 37, 55, 2006
Identification d’accents régionaux en français: perception et catégorisation
C Woehrling, P Boula de Mareüil
Bulletin PFC 6, 89-103, 2006
A French Phonetic Lexicon with Variants for Speech and Language Processing.
PB de Mareüil, C d'Alessandro, F Yvon, V Aubergé, J Vaissière, A Amelot
LREC, 2000
A joint intelligibility evaluation of French text-to-speech synthesis systems: the EvaSy SUS/ACR campaign
PB de Mareüil, C d'Alessandro, A Raake, G Bailly, MN Garcia, M Morel
LREC, 2006
Can a prosodic pattern induce/reduce the perception of a lower-class suburban accent in French?
PB de Mareüil, I Lehka-Lemarchand
ICPhS, 348-351, 2011
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