Diego Felipe Sarzosa Burgos
TítuloCitado porAno
Effects of specimen geometry and loading mode on crack growth resistance curves of a high-strength pipeline girth weld
LLS Mathias, DFB Sarzosa, C Ruggieri
International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping 111, 106-119, 2013
J–CTOD relations in clamped SE (T) fracture specimens including 3-D stationary and growth analysis
DFB Sarzosa, RF Souza, C Ruggieri
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A numerical investigation of constraint effects in circumferentially cracked pipes and fracture specimens including ductile tearing
DFB Sarzosa, C Ruggieri
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Fatigue Crack Growth Assessments in Welded Components Including Crack Closure Effects: Experiments and 3-D Numerical Modeling
DFB Sarzosa, LB Godefroid, C Ruggieri
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Multi-objective optimization design of tanker ships via a genetic algorithm
MR Martins, DFS Burgos
Journal of offshore mechanics and Arctic engineering 133 (4), 2011
Relationship between J and CTOD in SE (T) and SE (B) specimens for stationary and growing cracks
DFB Sarzosa, C Ruggieri
2014 10th International Pipeline Conference, 2014
Fracture resistance testing of dissimilar nickel–chromium girth welds for clad line pipes
DFB Sarzosa, VS Barbosa, CCP Santos, E Hippert, C Ruggieri
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Numerical simulation of ductile crack growth in medium wide plate specimens using 3-D computational cells
DFB Sarzosa, M Verstraete, S Hertelé, R Denys, C Ruggieri
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Ductile tearing analysis of TC128 tank car steel under mode I loading condition
M Paredes, DFB Sarzosa, R Savioli, T Wierzbicki, DY Jeong, DC Tyrell
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Experimental Validation of Relationships Between Fracture Parameters J and CTOD for SE(B) and SE(T) Specimens During Ductile Crack Growth
D Sarzosa, R Claudio
SOBENA 2014 - http://www.sobena.org.br/, 2014
Evaluation of Ductile Tearing of X-80 Pipeline Girth Welds Using SE (T), SE (B) and C (T) Fracture Specimens
LLS Mathias, DFB Sarzosa, C Ruggieri
ASME 2013 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, 2013
Influence of strength mismatch and weld residual stress on fatigue crack growth behavior for pipeline steel including closure effects
BDF Sarzosa, C Ruggieri
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Numerical Modeling of Crack Closure Effects on Fatigue Crack Growth Propagation in C(T) Fracture Specimens.
D Sarzosa, C Ruggieri
International Congress of Mechanical Engineering, 2009
Multi-Objective Optimization Technique Applied to Preliminary Design of a Tanker
MR Martins, DFS Burgos
ASME 2008 27th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic …, 2008
Further Insights on JR Curve Behavior in Pipeline Steels Using Low Constraint Fracture Specimens
DFB Sarzosa, C Ruggieri
ASME 2013 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, 2013
Crack Growth Testing of an X80 Pipeline Girth Weld Using SE(T) and SE(B) Fracture Specimens
L Mathias, DFB Sarzosa, G Donato, M Paredes, C Ruggieri
31th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Artic Engineering …, 2012
Fatigue life estimation of welded joints including the effects of crack closure phenomena
DFB Sarzosa, C Ruggieri, LB Godefroid, GHB Donato
30th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering …, 2011
Diseño de un Sistema de Propulsión con Chorro de Agua y Construcción de un Prototipo para una Embarcación Fluvial
D Sarzosa, JR Marìn, EI Naval
Tesis de Ingeniero Naval, ESPOL, Facultad de Ingeniería Marítima y Ciencias …, 2006
A Local Approach to Assess Effects of Specimen Geometry on Cleavage Fracture Toughness in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
DFB Sarzosa, R Savioli, C Ruggieri, A Jivkov, J Beswick
ASME 2018 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, 2018
Applicability of local approaches to assessment of cleavage fracture in complex constraint and load history cases
J Beswick, D Sarzosa, R Savioli, P James, C Ruggieri, AP Jivkov
Procedia Structural Integrity 13, 63-68, 2018
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