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On-the-fly machine-learning for high-throughput experiments: search for rare-earth-free permanent magnets
AG Kusne, T Gao, A Mehta, L Ke, MC Nguyen, KM Ho, V Antropov, ...
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Lightweight, flexible, high-performance carbon nanotube cables made by scalable flow coating
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Dielectric characterization by microwave cavity perturbation corrected for nonuniform fields
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High efficiency carbon nanotube thread antennas
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Multi-frequency tapping-mode atomic force microscopy beyond three eigenmodes in ambient air
SD Solares, S An, CJ Long
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Carbon nanotube thin film patch antennas for wireless communications
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Label-free detection of conformational changes in switchable DNA nanostructures with microwave microfluidics
AC Stelson, M Liu, CAE Little, CJ Long, ND Orloff, N Stephanopoulos, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-9, 2019
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