Felipe Fanchini
Felipe Fanchini
Professor of Physics, São Paulo State University
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Robustness of quantum discord to sudden death
T Werlang, S Souza, FF Fanchini, CJV Boas
Physical Review A 80 (2), 024103, 2009
Non-Markovian dynamics of quantum discord
FF Fanchini, T Werlang, CA Brasil, LGE Arruda, AO Caldeira
Physical Review A 81 (5), 052107, 2010
System-reservoir dynamics of quantum and classical correlations
J Maziero, T Werlang, FF Fanchini, LC Céleri, RM Serra
Physical Review A 81 (2), 022116, 2010
Conservation law for distributed entanglement of formation and quantum discord
FF Fanchini, MF Cornelio, MC de Oliveira, AO Caldeira
Physical Review A 84 (1), 012313, 2011
Entanglement irreversibility from quantum discord and quantum deficit
MF Cornelio, MC de Oliveira, FF Fanchini
Physical review letters 107 (2), 020502, 2011
Non-Markovianity through accessible information
FF Fanchini, G Karpat, B Çakmak, LK Castelano, GH Aguilar, OJ Farías, ...
Physical Review Letters 112 (21), 210402, 2014
Nonclassical correlation in NMR quadrupolar systems
DO Soares-Pinto, LC Céleri, R Auccaise, FF Fanchini, ER Deazevedo, ...
Physical Review A 81 (6), 062118, 2010
Quantum coherence and uncertainty in the anisotropic XY chain
G Karpat, B Çakmak, FF Fanchini
Physical Review B 90 (10), 104431, 2014
Entanglement versus quantum discord in two coupled double quantum dots
FF Fanchini, LK Castelano, AO Caldeira
New Journal of Physics 12 (7), 073009, 2010
Monogamy of entanglement of formation
TR De Oliveira, MF Cornelio, FF Fanchini
Physical Review A 89 (3), 034303, 2014
Non-Markovianity through flow of information between a system and an environment
S Haseli, G Karpat, S Salimi, AS Khorashad, FF Fanchini, B Cakmak, ...
Physical Review A 90 (5), 052118, 2014
Continuously decoupling single-qubit operations from a perturbing thermal bath of scalar bosons
FF Fanchini, JEM Hornos, RJ Napolitano
Physical Review A 75 (2), 022329, 2007
Quantum correlations and coherence in spin-1 Heisenberg chains
AL Malvezzi, G Karpat, B Çakmak, FF Fanchini, T Debarba, RO Vianna
Physical Review B 93 (18), 184428, 2016
Probing the degree of non-Markovianity for independent and common environments
FF Fanchini, G Karpat, LK Castelano, DZ Rossatto
Physical Review A 88 (1), 012105, 2013
Locally inaccessible information as a fundamental ingredient to quantum information
FF Fanchini, LK Castelano, MF Cornelio, MC De Oliveira
New Journal of Physics 14 (1), 013027, 2012
Quantum correlations between each qubit in a two-atom system and the environment in terms of interatomic distance
K Berrada, FF Fanchini, S Abdel-Khalek
Physical Review A 85 (5), 052315, 2012
Sudden change of quantum discord for a system of two qubits
JPG Pinto, G Karpat, FF Fanchini
Physical Review A 88 (3), 034304, 2013
Emergence of the Pointer Basis through the Dynamics of Correlations
MF Cornelio, OJ Farías, FF Fanchini, I Frerot, GH Aguilar, MO Hor-Meyll, ...
Physical review letters 109 (19), 190402, 2012
Factorization and criticality in the anisotropic xy chain via correlations
B Çakmak, G Karpat, F Fanchini
Entropy 17 (2), 790-817, 2015
Why entanglement of formation is not generally monogamous
MFC FF Fanchini, MC de Oliveira, LK Castelano
Physical Review A 87 (3), 032317, 2013
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