Eudes Eterno Fileti
Eudes Eterno Fileti
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Relative strength of hydrogen bond interaction in alcohol–water complexes
EE Fileti, P Chaudhuri, S Canuto
Chemical Physics Letters 400 (4-6), 494-499, 2004
Electronic changes due to thermal disorder of hydrogen bonds in liquids: Pyridine in an aqueous environment
EE Fileti, K Coutinho, T Malaspina, S Canuto
Physical Review E 67 (6), 061504, 2003
Molecular Dynamics Study of Surfactant-Like Peptide Based Nanostructures
G Colherinhas, E Fileti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118 (42), 12215-12222, 2014
Effects of hydroxyl group distribution on the reactivity, stability and optical properties of fullerenols
EE Fileti, R Rivelino, F de Brito Mota, T Malaspina
Nanotechnology 19 (36), 365703, 2008
The band gap of graphene is efficiently tuned by monovalent ions
G Colherinhas, EE Fileti, VV Chaban
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Rayleigh light scattering of hydrogen bonded clusters investigated by means of ab initio calculations
EE Fileti, R Rivelino, S Canuto
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Structure and UV-Vis spectrum of C60 fullerene in ethanol: A sequential molecular dynamics/quantum mechanics study
T Malaspina, EE Fileti, R Rivelino
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Elucidating the amphiphilic character of graphene oxide
AJP Neto, EE Fileti
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (14), 9507-9515, 2018
Imidazolium Ionic Liquid Mediates Black Phosphorus Exfoliation while Preventing Phosphorene Decomposition
VV Chaban, EE Fileti, OV Prezhdo
ACS nano 11 (6), 6459-6466, 2017
Storing energy in biodegradable electrochemical supercapacitors
G Colherinhas, T Malaspina, EE Fileti
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Chemical Physics Letters 452 (1-3), 54-58, 2008
Calculated infrared spectra of hydrogen‐bonded methanol–water, water–methanol, and methanol–methanol complexes
EE Fileti, S Canuto
International journal of quantum chemistry 104 (5), 808-815, 2005
The scaled-charge additive force field for amino acid based ionic liquids
EE Fileti, VV Chaban
Chemical Physics Letters 616, 205-211, 2014
Enhanced stability of the model mini‐protein in amino acid ionic liquids and their aqueous solutions
G Chevrot, EE Fileti, VV Chaban
Journal of computational chemistry 36 (27), 2044-2051, 2015
Does the Like Dissolves Like Rule Hold for Fullerene and Ionic Liquids?
VV Chaban, C Maciel, EE Fileti
Journal of Solution Chemistry 43 (6), 1019-1031, 2014
Imidazolium Ionic Liquid Helps to Disperse Fullerenes in Water
EE Fileti, VV Chaban
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5 (11), 1795-1800, 2014
Structural and photophysical properties of peptide micro/nanotubes functionalized with hypericin
MI Souza, YM Jaques, GP de Andrade, AO Ribeiro, ER da Silva, EE Fileti, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (9), 2605-2614, 2013
Self‐Assembled Peptide–Polyfluorene Nanocomposites for Biodegradable Organic Electronics
S Khanra, T Cipriano, T Lam, TA White, EE Fileti, WA Alves, S Guha
Advanced Materials Interfaces 2 (14), 1500265, 2015
Assessing the solvation mechanism of C60 (OH) 24 in aqueous solution
C Maciel, EE Fileti, R Rivelino
Chemical Physics Letters 507 (4-6), 244-247, 2011
Structure, stability, depolarized light scattering, and vibrational spectra of fullerenols from all-electron density-functional-theory calculations
R Rivelino, T Malaspina, EE Fileti
Physical Review A 79 (1), 013201, 2009
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