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Stress‐inducible protein 1 is a cell surface ligand for cellular prion that triggers neuroprotection
SM Zanata, MH Lopes, AF Mercadante, GNM Hajj, LB Chiarini, R Nomizo, ...
The EMBO journal, 2002
Interaction of cellular prion and stress-inducible protein 1 promotes neuritogenesis and neuroprotection by distinct signaling pathways
MH Lopes, GNM Hajj, AG Muras, GL Mancini, RMPS Castro, KCB Ribeiro, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 25 (49), 11330-11339, 2005
Metabotropic glutamate receptors transduce signals for neurite outgrowth after binding of the prion protein to laminin γ1 chain.
FH Beraldo, CP Arantes, TG Santos, CF Machado, M Roffe, GN Hajj, ...
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Prion protein: orchestrating neurotrophic activities
VR Martins, FH Beraldo, GN Hajj, MH Lopes, KS Lee, MA Prado, ...
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Endocytosis of prion protein is required for ERK1/2 signaling induced by stress-inducible protein 1
FA Caetano, MH Lopes, GNM Hajj, CF Machado, CP Arantes, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (26), 6691-6702, 2008
Cellular prion protein interaction with vitronectin supports axonal growth and is compensated by integrins
GNM Hajj, MH Lopes, AF Mercadante, SS Veiga, RB da Silveira, ...
Journal of cell science 120 (11), 1915-1926, 2007
Short-term memory formation and long-term memory consolidation are enhanced by cellular prion association to stress-inducible protein 1
AS Coitinho, MH Lopes, GNM Hajj, JI Rossato, AR Freitas, CC Castro, ...
Neurobiology of disease 26 (1), 282-290, 2007
The interaction between prion protein and laminin modulates memory consolidation
AS Coitinho, ARO Freitas, MH Lopes, GNM Hajj, R Roesler, R Walz, ...
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Enhanced neural progenitor/stem cells self‐renewal via the interaction of stress‐inducible protein 1 with the prion protein
TG Santos, IR Silva, B Costa‐Silva, AP Lepique, VR Martins, MH Lopes
Stem Cells 29 (7), 1126-1136, 2011
Prion protein and its ligand stress inducible protein 1 regulate astrocyte development
C Arantes, R Nomizo, MH Lopes, GNM Hajj, FRS Lima, VR Martins
Glia 57 (13), 1439-1449, 2009
The amino-terminal PrP domain is crucial to modulate prion misfolding and aggregation
Y Cordeiro, J Kraineva, MPB Gomes, MH Lopes, VR Martins, LMTR Lima, ...
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Surgical outcome in mesial temporal sclerosis correlates with prion protein gene variant
R Walz, R Castro, TR Velasco, V Alexandre Jr, MH Lopes, JP Leite, ...
Neurology 61 (9), 1204-1210, 2003
The unconventional secretion of stress-inducible protein 1 by a heterogeneous population of extracellular vesicles
GNM Hajj, CP Arantes, MVS Dias, M Roffé, B Costa-Silva, MH Lopes, ...
Cellular and molecular life sciences 70, 3211-3227, 2013
Disruption of prion protein–HOP engagement impairs glioblastoma growth and cognitive decline and improves overall survival
MH Lopes, TG Santos, BR Rodrigues, N Queiroz-Hazarbassanov, ...
Oncogene 34 (25), 3305-3314, 2015
Extracellular vesicles: decoding a new language for cellular communication in early embryonic development
L Cruz, JAA Romero, RP Iglesia, MH Lopes
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology 6, 94, 2018
Characterization of a cancer/testis (CT) antigen gene family capable of eliciting humoral response in cancer patients
RB Parmigiani, F Bettoni, MD Vibranovski, MH Lopes, WK Martins, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (48), 18066-18071, 2006
Engagement of cellular prion protein with the co-chaperone Hsp70/90 organizing protein regulates the proliferation of glioblastoma stem-like cells
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Targeting prion protein interactions in cancer
TG Santos, MH Lopes, VR Martins
Prion 9 (3), 165-173, 2015
Laminin‐γ1 chain and stress inducible protein 1 synergistically mediate PrPC‐dependent axonal growth via Ca2+ mobilization in dorsal root ganglia neurons
TG Santos, FH Beraldo, GNM Hajj, MH Lopes, M Roffe, FCS Lupinacci, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 124 (2), 210-223, 2013
Prion potency in stem cells biology
MH Lopes, TG Santos
Prion 6 (2), 142-146, 2012
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