Jose LS Lopes
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Structural characterization of novel chitin-binding lectins from the genus Artocarpus and their antifungal activity
MB Trindade, JLS Lopes, A Soares-Costa, AC Monteiro-Moreira, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1764 (1), 146-152, 2006
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JLS Lopes, AJ Miles, L Whitmore, BA Wallace
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Contribuição para o conhecimento tectono-estratigráfico do nordeste alentejano transversal: Terena-Elvas. implicações económicas no aproveitamento de rochas ornamentais …
JLG Lopes
Universidade de Évora, 2003
New insights into the structure and mode of action of Mo-CBP 3, an antifungal chitin-binding protein of Moringa oleifera seeds
AB Batista, JTA Oliveira, JM Gifoni, ML Pereira, MGG Almeida, VM Gomes, ...
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Folding factors and partners for the intrinsically disordered protein micro-exon gene 14 (MEG-14)
JLS Lopes, D Orcia, APU Araujo, R DeMarco, BA Wallace
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Lipid interaction triggering Septin2 to assembly into β-sheet structures investigated by Langmuir monolayers and PM-IRRAS
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Chaperone-mediated native folding of a β-scorpion toxin in the periplasm of Escherichia coli
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Lectin obtained from the red seaweed Bryothamnion triquetrum: Secondary structure and anti-inflammatory activity in mice
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AF Garcia, JLS Lopes, AJ Costa-Filho, BA Wallace, APU Araujo
PLoS One 8 (12), e82555, 2013
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