Sergei Simdyankin
Sergei Simdyankin
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Decoupling of diffusion from structural relaxation and spatial heterogeneity in a supercooled simple liquid
M Dzugutov, SI Simdyankin, FHM Zetterling
arXiv preprint cond-mat/0109057, 2001
On the decay of Burgers turbulence
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JPK Doye, DJ Wales, SI Simdyankin
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Extended point defects in crystalline materials: Ge and Si
NEB Cowern, S Simdyankin, C Ahn, NS Bennett, JP Goss, JM Hartmann, ...
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TH Lee, SI Simdyankin, J Hegedus, J Heo, SR Elliott
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SI Simdyankin, SN Taraskin, M Dzugutov, SR Elliott
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Pricing risky options simply
E Aurell, SI Simdyankin
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance 1 (01), 1-23, 1998
Connection between vibrational dynamics and topological order in simple glasses
SI Simdyankin, M Dzugutov, SN Taraskin, SR Elliott
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Fresnel zones for modes
AL Virovlyansky, VV Kurin, NV Pronchatov-Rubtsov, SI Simdyankin
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Characterization of the stretched-exponential trap-time distributions in one-dimensional coupled map lattices
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Influence of copper on the electronic properties of amorphous chalcogenides
SI Simdyankin, M Elstner, TA Niehaus, T Frauenheim, SR Elliott
Physical Review B 72 (2), 020202, 2005
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