Sergey Kharintsev
Sergey Kharintsev
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Plasmonic optical antenna design for performing tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and microscopy
SS Kharintsev, GG Hoffmann, AI Fishman, MK Salakhov
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (14), 145501, 2013
Near-field optical taper antennas fabricated with a highly replicable ac electrochemical etching method
SS Kharintsev, AI Noskov, GG Hoffmann, J Loos
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SS Kharintsev, AV Kharitonov, SK Saikin, AM Alekseev, SG Kazarian
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Tunable optical materials for multi-resonant plasmonics: from TiN to TiON
A Kharitonov, S Kharintsev
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Nanopatterning and tuning of optical taper antenna apex for tip-enhanced Raman scattering performance
SS Kharintsev, AM Rogov, SG Kazarian
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Superresolution stimulated Raman scattering microscopy using 2-ENZ nano-composites
SS Kharintsev, AV Kharitonov, AM Alekseev, SG Kazarian
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Disordered nonlinear metalens for Raman spectral nanoimaging
SS Kharintsev, AV Kharitonov, AR Gazizov, SG Kazarian
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Etchant-based design of gold tip apexes for plasmon-enhanced Raman spectromicroscopy
S Kharintsev, A Alekseev, J Loos
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Near-field Raman dichroism of azo-polymers exposed to nanoscale dc electrical and optical poling
SS Kharintsev, AI Fishman, SK Saikin, SG Kazarian
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SS Kharintsev, AI Fishman, SG Kazarian, MK Salakhov
Physical Review B 92 (11), 115113, 2015
Experimental evidence for axial anisotropy beyond the diffraction limit induced with a bias voltage plasmonic nanoantenna and longitudinal optical near-fields in photoreactive …
SS Kharintsev, AI Fishman, SG Kazarian, IR Gabitov, MK Salakhov
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Nanoscale sensing vitrification of 3D confined glassy polymers through refractory thermoplasmonics
SS Kharintsev, EA Chernykh, AV Shelaev, SG Kazarian
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Electrochemical design of plasmonic nanoantennas for tip-enhanced optical spectroscopy and imaging performance
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Photoinduced heating of freestanding azo-polymer thin films monitored by scanning thermal microscopy
SS Kharintsev, EA Chernykh, AI Fishman, SK Saikin, AM Alekseev, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (5), 3007-3012, 2017
Electrical properties of titanium nitride films synthesized by reactive magnetron sputtering
WM Mohammed, AI Gumarov, IR Vakhitov, IV Yanilkin, AG Kiiamov, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 927 (1), 012036, 2017
Designing two-dimensional temperature profiles using tunable thermoplasmonics
SS Kharintsev, AV Kharitonov, EA Chernykh, AM Alekseev, NA Filippov, ...
Nanoscale 14 (33), 12117-12128, 2022
Synthesis and characterization of titanium nitride thin films for enhancement and localization of optical fields
AV Kharitonov, IV Yanilkin, AI Gumarov, IR Vakhitov, RV Yusupov, ...
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Far-field Raman color superlensing based on disordered plasmonics
SS Kharintsev
Optics Letters 44 (24), 5909-5912, 2019
Near-field depolarization of tip-enhanced Raman scattering by single azo-chromophores
SS Kharintsev, AR Gazizov, MK Salakhov, SG Kazarian
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Inverse problems in the restoration of signal with fractal Gaussian noise in applied spectroscopy
SS Kharintsev, RR Nigmatullin, MK Salakhov
Asian Journal of Spectroscopy 3 (2), 49-67, 1999
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