Ricardo Antunes Azevedo
Ricardo Antunes Azevedo
Professor of Cell Biology, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
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Making the life of heavy metal-stressed plants a little easier
PL Gratão, A Polle, PJ Lea, RA Azevedo
Functional plant biology 32 (6), 481-494, 2005
Antioxidant enzymes responses to cadmium in radish tissues
AP Vitória, PJ Lea, RA Azevedo
Phytochemistry 57 (5), 701-710, 2001
Response of antioxidant enzymes to transfer from elevated carbon dioxide to air and ozone fumigation, in the leaves and roots of wild‐type and a catalase‐deficient mutant of barley
RA Azevedo, RM Alas, RJ Smith, PJ Lea
Physiologia Plantarum 104 (2), 280-292, 1998
Activity of antioxidant enzymes in response to cadmium in Crotalaria juncea
GJG Pereira, SMG Molina, PJ Lea, RA Azevedo
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Nitrogen use efficiency. 1. Uptake of nitrogen from the soil
PJ Lea, RA Azevedo
Annals of Applied Biology 149 (3), 243-247, 2006
The biosynthesis and metabolism of the aspartate derived amino acids in higher plants
RA Azevedo, P Arruda, WL Turner, PJ Lea
Phytochemistry 46 (3), 395-419, 1997
The aspartic acid metabolic pathway, an exciting and essential pathway in plants
RA Azevedo, M Lancien, PJ Lea
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Phytoremediation: green technology for the clean up of toxic metals in the environment
PL Gratão, MNV Prasad, PF Cardoso, PJ Lea, RA Azevedo
Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology 17 (1), 53-64, 2005
Effects of cadmium on antioxidant enzyme activities in sugar cane
RF Fornazier, RR Ferreira, AP Vitoria, SMG Molina, PJ Lea, RA Azevedo
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RA Gomes-Junior, CA Moldes, FS Delite, GB Pompeu, PL Gratão, ...
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Nitrogen use efficiency. 2. Amino acid metabolism
PJ Lea, RA Azevedo
Annals of Applied Biology 151 (3), 269-275, 2007
Nanoparticles applied to plant science: a review
SCC Arruda, ALD Silva, RM Galazzi, RA Azevedo, MAZ Arruda
Talanta 131, 693-705, 2015
Nickel elicits a fast antioxidant response in Coffea arabica cells
RA Gomes-Junior, CA Moldes, FS Delite, PL Gratão, P Mazzafera, PJ Lea, ...
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Environmental and Experimental Botany 67 (2), 387-394, 2009
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RR Ferreira, RF Fornazier, AP Vitória, PJ Lea, RA Azevedo
Journal of Plant Nutrition 25 (2), 327-342, 2002
Zn uptake, physiological response and stress attenuation in mycorrhizal jack bean growing in soil with increasing Zn concentrations
SAL Andrade, PL Gratão, MA Schiavinato, APD Silveira, RA Azevedo, ...
Chemosphere 75 (10), 1363-1370, 2009
Ecophysiological responses of water hyacinth exposed to Cr3+ and Cr6+
LB Paiva, JG de Oliveira, RA Azevedo, DR Ribeiro, MG da Silva, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 65 (2-3), 403-409, 2009
Biochemical responses of the ethylene-insensitive Never ripe tomato mutant subjected to cadmium and sodium stresses
CC Monteiro, RF Carvalho, PL Gratão, G Carvalho, T Tezotto, LO Medici, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 71 (2), 306-320, 2011
Biochemical and physiological changes in jack bean under mycorrhizal symbiosis growing in soil with increasing Cu concentrations
SAL Andrade, PL Gratão, RA Azevedo, APD Silveira, MA Schiavinato, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 68 (2), 198-207, 2010
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