Mohamed Henini
Mohamed Henini
Professor of Applied Physics, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nottingham
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Carrier thermal escape and retrapping in self-assembled quantum dots
S Sanguinetti, M Henini, MG Alessi, M Capizzi, P Frigeri, S Franchi
Physical Review B 60 (11), 8276, 1999
Two dimensional electrons in a lateral magnetic superlattice
HA Carmona, AK Geim, A Nogaret, PC Main, TJ Foster, M Henini, ...
Physical review letters 74 (15), 3009, 1995
Real‐time scanning Hall probe microscopy
A Oral, SJ Bending, M Henini
Applied physics letters 69 (9), 1324-1326, 1996
Paramagnetic Meissner effect in small superconductors
AK Geim, SV Dubonos, JGS Lok, M Henini, JC Maan
Nature 396 (6707), 144, 1998
Dilute nitride semiconductors
M Henini
Elsevier, 2004
Probing the hole dispersion curves of a quantum well using resonant magnetotunneling spectroscopy
RK Hayden, DK Maude, L Eaves, EC Valadares, M Henini, FW Sheard, ...
Physical review letters 66 (13), 1749, 1991
Resonant tunneling through the bound states of a single donor atom in a quantum well
MW Dellow, PH Beton, C Langerak, TJ Foster, PC Main, L Eaves, ...
Physical review letters 68 (11), 1754, 1992
Temperature dependence of the optical properties of self-organized quantum dots
A Polimeni, A Patane, M Henini, L Eaves, PC Main
Physical Review B 59 (7), 5064, 1999
Imaging the electron wave function in self-assembled quantum dots
EE Vdovin, A Levin, A Patane, L Eaves, PC Main, YN Khanin, ...
Science 290 (5489), 122-124, 2000
Magnetic field studies of elastic scattering and optic-phonon emission in resonant-tunneling devices
ML Leadbeater, ES Alves, L Eaves, M Henini, OH Hughes, A Celeste, ...
Physical Review B 39 (5), 3438, 1989
Resistance resonance effects through magnetic edge states
A Nogaret, SJ Bending, M Henini
Physical review letters 84 (10), 2231, 2000
Fermi-edge singularity in resonant tunneling
AK Geim, PC Main, N La Scala Jr, L Eaves, TJ Foster, PH Beton, ...
Physical review letters 72 (13), 2061, 1994
A one-dimensional chain state of vortex matter
A Grigorenko, S Bending, T Tamegai, S Ooi, M Henini
Nature 414 (6865), 728, 2001
Magnetoresistance of a two-dimensional electron gas due to a single magnetic barrier and its use for nanomagnetometry
V Kubrak, F Rahman, BL Gallagher, PC Main, M Henini, CH Marrows, ...
Applied physics letters 74 (17), 2507-2509, 1999
Electron-concentration-dependent quantum-well luminescence: Evidence for a negatively charged exciton
H Buhmann, L Mansouri, J Wang, PH Beton, N Mori, L Eaves, M Henini, ...
Physical Review B 51 (12), 7969, 1995
Spin excitations of a two-dimensional electron gas in the limit of vanishing Landé g factor
DK Maude, M Potemski, JC Portal, M Henini, L Eaves, G Hill, MA Pate
Physical review letters 77 (22), 4604, 1996
Magnetoresistance of a two-dimensional electron gas in a strong periodic potential
PH Beton, ES Alves, PC Main, L Eaves, MW Dellow, M Henini, ...
Physical Review B 42 (14), 9229, 1990
Resonant magnetotunneling through individual self-assembled InAs quantum dots
IE Itskevich, T Ihn, A Thornton, M Henini, TJ Foster, P Moriarty, A Nogaret, ...
Physical Review B 54 (23), 16401, 1996
Chaotic electron diffusion through stochastic webs enhances current flow in superlattices
TM Fromhold, A Patane, S Bujkiewicz, PB Wilkinson, D Fowler, ...
Nature 428 (6984), 726, 2004
High temperature gate control of quantum well spin memory
OZ Karimov, GH John, RT Harley, WH Lau, ME Flatté, M Henini, R Airey
Physical review letters 91 (24), 246601, 2003
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