Frank W Foss Jr. Ph.D.
Frank W Foss Jr. Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Texas at Arlington
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Follicular shuttling of marginal zone B cells facilitates antigen transport
G Cinamon, MA Zachariah, OM Lam, FW Foss, JG Cyster
Nature immunology 9 (1), 54-62, 2008
Selective sphingosine 1-phosphate 1 receptor activation reduces ischemia-reperfusion injury in mouse kidney
AS Awad, H Ye, L Huang, L Li, FW Foss Jr, TL Macdonald, KR Lynch, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology 290 (6), F1516-F1524, 2006
Synthesis and biological evaluation of γ-aminophosphonates as potent, subtype-selective sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor agonists and antagonists
FW Foss Jr, AH Snyder, MD Davis, M Rouse, MD Okusa, KR Lynch, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 15 (2), 663-677, 2007
Single-molecule junction conductance through diaminoacenes
JR Quinn, FW Foss Jr, L Venkataraman, MS Hybertsen, R Breslow
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (21), 6714-6715, 2007
Nutrient isothiocyanates covalently modify and inhibit the inflammatory cytokine macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF)
JV Cross, JM Rady, FW Foss Jr, CE Lyons, TL Macdonald, DJ Templeton
Biochemical Journal 423 (3), 315-321, 2009
Organocatalytic dakin oxidation by nucleophilic flavin catalysts
S Chen, MS Hossain, FW Foss Jr
Organic letters 14 (11), 2806-2809, 2012
Artificial enzymes with thiazolium and imidazolium coenzyme mimics
H Zhao, FW Foss Jr, R Breslow
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (38), 12590-12591, 2008
Oxidation potentials correlate with conductivities of aromatic molecular wires
JR Quinn, FW Foss, L Venkataraman, R Breslow
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (41), 12376-12377, 2007
Aerobic Organocatalytic Oxidation of Aryl Aldehydes: Flavin Catalyst Turnover by Hantzsch’s Ester
S Chen, FW Foss Jr
Organic letters 14 (19), 5150-5153, 2012
In vitro metabolism of a model cyclopropylamine to reactive intermediate: insights into trovafloxacin-induced hepatotoxicity
Q Sun, R Zhu, FW Foss Jr, TL Macdonald
Chemical research in toxicology 21 (3), 711-719, 2008
Charge transport in nanoscale aromatic and antiaromatic systems
R Breslow, FW Foss Jr
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (37), 374104, 2008
The isothiocyanate class of bioactive nutrients covalently inhibit the MEKK1 protein kinase
JV Cross, FW Foss, JM Rady, TL Macdonald, DJ Templeton
BMC cancer 7 (1), 1-12, 2007
Synthesis, stability, and implications of phosphothioate agonists of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors
FW Foss Jr, JJ Clemens, MD Davis, AH Snyder, MA Zigler, KR Lynch, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 15 (20), 4470-4474, 2005
Synthesis and biological evaluation of sphingosine kinase substrates as sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor prodrugs
FW Foss Jr, TP Mathews, Y Kharel, PC Kennedy, AH Snyder, MD Davis, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 17 (16), 6123-6136, 2009
Bioinspired oxidative aromatizations: one-pot syntheses of 2-substituted benzothiazoles and pyridines by aerobic organocatalysis
S Chen, MS Hossain, FW Foss Jr
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 1 (8), 1045-1051, 2013
The electrical properties of biphenylenes
S Schneebeli, M Kamenetska, F Foss, H Vazquez, R Skouta, M Hybertsen, ...
Organic letters 12 (18), 4114-4117, 2010
Thermally accelerated oxidative degradation of quercetin using continuous flow kinetic electrospray-ion trap-time of flight mass spectrometry
JS Barnes, FW Foss Jr, KA Schug
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 24 (10), 1513-1522, 2013
Convenient synthesis of deazaflavin cofactor FO and its activity in F 420-dependent NADP reductase
MS Hossain, CQ Le, E Joseph, TQ Nguyen, K Johnson-Winters, FW Foss
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 13 (18), 5082-5085, 2015
Determination of cannabinoids from a surrogate hops matrix using multiple reaction monitoring gas chromatography with triple quadrupole mass spectrometry
A Leghissa, ZL Hildenbrand, FW Foss, KA Schug
Journal of separation science 41 (2), 459-468, 2018
Multilayer chitosan-based open tubular capillary anion exchange column with integrated monolithic capillary suppressor
X Huang, FW Foss Jr, PK Dasgupta
Analytica chimica acta 707 (1-2), 210-217, 2011
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