William R. Clements
William R. Clements
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Optimal design for universal multiport interferometers
WR Clements, PC Humphreys, BJ Metcalf, WS Kolthammer, IA Walmsley
Optica 3 (12), 1460-1465, 2016
Detection of single nanoparticles and lentiviruses using microcavity resonance broadening
L Shao, XF Jiang, XC Yu, BB Li, WR Clements, F Vollmer, W Wang, ...
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BB Li, WR Clements, XC Yu, K Shi, Q Gong, YF Xiao
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Efficient classical algorithm for boson sampling with partially distinguishable photons
JJ Renema, A Menssen, WR Clements, G Triginer, WS Kolthammer, ...
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XF Jiang, YF Xiao, QF Yang, L Shao, WR Clements, Q Gong
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BB Li, YF Xiao, MY Yan, WR Clements, Q Gong
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Using an imperfect photonic network to implement random unitaries
R Burgwal, WR Clements, DH Smith, JC Gates, WS Kolthammer, ...
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WR Clements, JJ Renema, A Eckstein, AA Valido, A Lita, T Gerrits, ...
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Modular linear optical circuits
PL Mennea, WR Clements, DH Smith, JC Gates, BJ Metcalf, ...
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Detector-independent verification of quantum light
J Sperling, WR Clements, A Eckstein, M Moore, JJ Renema, ...
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Exploratory combinatorial optimization with reinforcement learning
T Barrett, W Clements, J Foerster, A Lvovsky
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Gaussian optical Ising machines
WR Clements, JJ Renema, YH Wen, HM Chrzanowski, WS Kolthammer, ...
Physical Review A 96 (4), 043850, 2017
Estimating risk and uncertainty in deep reinforcement learning
WR Clements, BM Robaglia, B Van Delft, RB Slaoui, S Toth
ICML 2020 Workshop on Uncertainty and Robustness in Deep Learning, 2019
Tuning between photon-number and quadrature measurements with weak-field homodyne detection
GS Thekkadath, DS Phillips, JFF Bulmer, WR Clements, A Eckstein, ...
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Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processing
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Identification of nonclassical properties of light with multiplexing layouts
J Sperling, A Eckstein, WR Clements, M Moore, JJ Renema, ...
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Learning group structure and disentangled representations of dynamical environments
R Quessard, TD Barrett, WR Clements
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Robust domain randomization for reinforcement learning
RB Slaoui, WR Clements, JN Foerster, S Toth
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Raman-lasing dynamics in split-mode microresonators
WR Clements, BB Li, BQ Shen, YF Xiao
Physical Review A 91 (1), 013804, 2015
Photonic quantum simulations of SSH-type topological insulators with perfect state transfer
M Stobińska, T Sturges, A Buraczewski, WR Clements, JJ Renema, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.00678, 2019
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