Maximilian Thomas Strauß
Maximilian Thomas Strauß
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Super-resolution microscopy with DNA-PAINT
J Schnitzbauer, MT Strauss, T Schlichthaerle, F Schueder, R Jungmann
Nature protocols 12 (6), 1198, 2017
Programmable self-assembly of three-dimensional nanostructures from 10,000 unique components
LL Ong, N Hanikel, OK Yaghi, C Grun, MT Strauss, P Bron, J Lai-Kee-Him, ...
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Routing of individual polymers in designed patterns
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Modified aptamers enable quantitative sub-10-nm cellular DNA-PAINT imaging
S Strauss, PC Nickels, MT Strauss, VJ Sabinina, J Ellenberg, JD Carter, ...
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Universal super‐resolution multiplexing by DNA exchange
F Schueder, MT Strauss, D Hoerl, J Schnitzbauer, T Schlichthaerle, ...
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Fast, background-free DNA-PAINT imaging using FRET-based probes
A Auer, MT Strauss, T Schlichthaerle, R Jungmann
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Molecular mechanism to recruit galectin-3 into multivesicular bodies for polarized exosomal secretion
S Bänfer, D Schneider, J Dewes, MT Strauss, SA Freibert, T Heimerl, ...
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Quantifying absolute addressability in DNA origami with molecular resolution
MT Strauss, F Schueder, D Haas, PC Nickels, R Jungmann
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Site‐specific labeling of affimers for DNA‐PAINT microscopy
T Schlichthaerle, AS Eklund, F Schueder, MT Strauss, C Tiede, A Curd, ...
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DNA nanotechnology and fluorescence applications
T Schlichthaerle, MT Strauss, F Schueder, JB Woehrstein, R Jungmann
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An order of magnitude faster DNA-PAINT imaging by optimized sequence design and buffer conditions
F Schueder, J Stein, F Stehr, A Auer, B Sperl, MT Strauss, P Schwille, ...
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Correlative single-molecule FRET and DNA-PAINT imaging
NS Deußner-Helfmann, A Auer, MT Strauss, S Malkusch, MS Dietz, ...
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Direct visualization of single nuclear pore complex proteins using genetically‐encoded probes for DNA‐PAINT
T Schlichthaerle, MT Strauss, F Schueder, A Auer, B Nijmeijer, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (37), 13004-13008, 2019
124-Color super-resolution imaging by engineering DNA-PAINT blinking kinetics
OK Wade, JB Woehrstein, PC Nickels, S Strauss, F Stehr, J Stein, ...
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Quantifying reversible surface binding via surface-integrated fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
J Mücksch, P Blumhardt, MT Strauss, EP Petrov, R Jungmann, ...
Nano letters 18 (5), 3185-3192, 2018
Sub–100-nm metafluorophores with digitally tunable optical properties self-assembled from DNA
JB Woehrstein, MT Strauss, LL Ong, B Wei, DY Zhang, R Jungmann, ...
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Template-free 2D particle fusion in localization microscopy
H Heydarian, F Schueder, MT Strauss, B Van Werkhoven, M Fazel, ...
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Single particle tracking and super-resolution imaging of membrane-assisted stop-and-go diffusion and lattice assembly of DNA origami
S Kempter, A Khmelinskaia, MT Strauss, P Schwille, R Jungmann, T Liedl, ...
ACS nano 13 (2), 996-1002, 2018
Nanometer‐scale Multiplexed Super‐Resolution Imaging with an Economic 3D‐DNA‐PAINT Microscope
A Auer, T Schlichthaerle, JB Woehrstein, F Schueder, MT Strauss, ...
ChemPhysChem 19 (22), 3024-3034, 2018
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