Ivan Šupić
Ivan Šupić
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All entangled states can demonstrate nonclassical teleportation
D Cavalcanti, P Skrzypczyk, I Šupić
Physical Review Letters 119 (11), 110501, 2017
Self-testing protocols based on the chained Bell inequalities
I Šupić, R Augusiak, A Salavrakos, A Acín
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Self-testing multipartite entangled states through projections onto two systems
I Šupić, A Coladangelo, R Augusiak, A Acín
New journal of Physics 20 (8), 083041, 2018
Self-testing through EPR-steering
I Šupić, MJ Hoban
New Journal of Physics 18 (7), 075006, 2016
Self-testing of quantum systems: a review
I Šupić, J Bowles
arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.10042, 2019
All sets of incompatible measurements give an advantage in quantum state discrimination
P Skrzypczyk, I Šupić, D Cavalcanti
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Device-independent entanglement certification of all entangled states
J Bowles, I Šupić, D Cavalcanti, A Acín
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Measurement-device-independent entanglement and randomness estimation in quantum networks
I Šupić, P Skrzypczyk, D Cavalcanti
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Self-testing of Pauli observables for device-independent entanglement certification
J Bowles, I Šupić, D Cavalcanti, A Acín
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Methods to estimate entanglement in teleportation experiments
I Šupić, P Skrzypczyk, D Cavalcanti
Physical Review A 99 (3), 032334, 2019
Maximal nonlocality from maximal entanglement and mutually unbiased bases, and self-testing of two-qutrit quantum systems
J Kaniewski, I Šupić, J Tura, F Baccari, A Salavrakos, R Augusiak
arXiv preprint arXiv:1807.03332, 2018
Multi-core fiber integrated multi-port beam splitters for quantum information processing
J Cariñe, G Cañas, P Skrzypczyk, I Šupić, N Guerrero, T Garcia, L Pereira, ...
Optica 7 (5), 542-550, 2020
Scalable Bell inequalities for qubit graph states and robust self-testing
F Baccari, R Augusiak, I Šupić, J Tura, A Acín
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Experimental study of nonclassical teleportation beyond average fidelity
G Carvacho, F Andreoli, L Santodonato, M Bentivegna, V D'Ambrosio, ...
Physical Review Letters 121 (14), 2018
Device-independent certification of entangled subspaces
F Baccari, R Augusiak, I Šupić, A Acín
arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.02285, 2020
measurements give an advantage in quantum state discrimination. Physical Review Letters, 122 (13),[130403].
P Skrzypczyk, I Supic, D Cavalcanti
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Phys Rev Lett 122, 130403, 2019
Quantum nonlocality in networks can be demonstrated with an arbitrarily small level of independence between the sources
I Šupić, JD Bancal, N Brunner
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.12950, 2020
Nonlocality strikes again
I Šupić
Quantum Views 4, 38, 2020
Self-testing and certification using trusted quantum inputs
I Šupić, MJ Hoban, LD Colomer, A Acín
New Journal of Physics, 2020
Device-independent certification of tensor products of quantum states using single-copy self-testing protocols
I Šupić, D Cavalcanti, J Bowles
arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.12759, 2019
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