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Fluoride metabolism
MAR Buzalaf, GM Whitford
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Blockade of endogenous leukotrienes exacerbates pulmonary histoplasmosis
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Helminth coinfection does not affect therapeutic effect of a DNA vaccine in mice harboring tuberculosis
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Histamine modulates mast cell degranulation through an indirect mechanism in a model IgE‐mediated reaction
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Control of experimental pulmonary tuberculosis depends more on immunostimulatory leukotrienes than on the absence of immunosuppressive prostaglandins
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Bone response to fluoride exposure is influenced by genetics
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The immune response to toxocariasis does not modify susceptibility to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in BALB/c mice
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Fluoride intensifies hypercaloric diet-induced ER oxidative stress and alters lipid metabolism
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