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Emerson Bernardes
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< i> Toxoplasma gondii</i> Infection Reveals a Novel Regulatory Role for Galectin-3 in the Interface of Innate and Adaptive Immunity
ES Bernardes, NM Silva, LP Ruas, JR Mineo, AM Loyola, DK Hsu, FT Liu, ...
The American journal of pathology 168 (6), 1910-1920, 2006
Isolation, purification, and physicochemical characterization of a d-galactose-binding lectin from seeds of< i> Erythrina speciosa</i>
EHE Konozy, ES Bernardes, C Rosa, V Faca, LJ Greene, RJ Ward
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 410 (2), 222-229, 2003
Immunization with MIC1 and MIC4 induces protective immunity against< i> Toxoplasma gondii</i>
EV Lourenço, ES Bernardes, NM Silva, JR Mineo, A Panunto-Castelo, ...
Microbes and infection 8 (5), 1244-1251, 2006
LPS-induced galectin-3 oligomerization results in enhancement of neutrophil activation
ML Fermino, CD Polli, KA Toledo, FT Liu, DK Hsu, MC Roque-Barreira, ...
PloS one 6 (10), e26004, 2011
Lack of galectin-3 drives response to Paracoccidioides brasiliensis toward a Th2-biased immunity
LP Ruas, ES Bernardes, ML Fermino, LL de Oliveira, DK Hsu, FT Liu, ...
PloS one 4 (2), e4519, 2009
Lack of galectin‐3 alters the balance of innate immune cytokines and confers resistance to Rhodococcus equi infection
LC Ferraz, ES Bernardes, AF Oliveira, LP Ruas, ML Fermino, SG Soares, ...
European journal of immunology 38 (10), 2762-2775, 2008
Galectin-3 regulates peritoneal B1-cell differentiation into plasma cells
FL Oliveira, R Chammas, L Ricon, ML Fermino, ES Bernardes, DK Hsu, ...
Glycobiology 19 (11), 1248-1258, 2009
Galectin‐3 disruption impaired tumoral angiogenesis by reducing VEGF secretion from TGFβ1‐induced macrophages
CML Machado, LNS Andrade, VR Teixeira, FF Costa, CM Melo, ...
Cancer medicine, 2014
Neutrophil activation induced by ArtinM: release of inflammatory mediators and enhancement of effector functions
KA Toledo, C Scwartz, AF Oliveira, MCAV Conrado, ES Bernardes, ...
Immunology letters 123 (1), 14-20, 2009
Coordinated expression of galectin-3 and galectin-3-binding sites in malignant mammary tumors: implications for tumor metastasis
JT de Oliveira, AJF de Matos, J Gomes, M Vilanova, V Hespanhol, ...
Glycobiology 20 (11), 1341-1352, 2010
Sialylation regulates galectin-3/ligand interplay during mammary tumour progression—A case of targeted uncloaking
JT de Oliveira, AJ De Matos, AL Santos, R Pinto, J Gomes, V Hespanhol, ...
International Journal of Developmental Biology 55 (7), 823, 2011
Galectin‐3 negatively regulates the frequency and function of CD4+ CD25+ Foxp3+ regulatory T cells and influences the course of Leishmania major infection
ML Fermino, FC Dias, CD Lopes, MA Souza, ÂK Cruz, FT Liu, ...
European journal of immunology 43 (7), 1806-1817, 2013
Larval application of sodium channel homologous dsRNA restores pyrethroid insecticide susceptibility in a resistant adult mosquito population
AC Bona, RF Chitolina, ML Fermino, L de Castro Poncio, A Weiss, ...
Anti-MUC1 nano-aptamers for triple-negative breast cancer imaging by single-photon emission computed tomography in inducted animals: initial considerations
SOR Santos do Carmo F, Ricci-Junior E, Cerqueira-Coutinho C, Albernaz MS ...
Oropouche virus experimental infection in the golden hamster (< i> Mesocrisetus auratus</i>)
AH Rodrigues, RI Santos, GM Arisi, ES Bernardes, ML Silva, MA Rossi, ...
Virus research 155 (1), 35-41, 2011
Monocyte Migration Driven by Galectin-3 Occurs through Distinct Mechanisms Involving Selective Interactions with the Extracellular Matrix
C Danella Polli, K Alves Toledo, LH Franco, V Sammartino Mariano, ...
ISRN inflammation 2013, 2013
O-glycan sialylation alters galectin-3 subcellular localization and decreases chemotherapy sensitivity in gastric cancer
SN Santos, MS Junqueira, G Francisco, M Villanova, A Magalhães, ...
Lack of galectin-3 increases Jagged1/Notch activation in bone marrow-derived dendritic cells and promotes dysregulation of T helper cell polarization.
ML Fermino, LS Dylon, NT Cecílio, SN Santos, MA Toscano, ...
Deficient Beta-Mannosylation of Candida albicans Phospholipomannan Affects the Proinflammatory Response in Macrophages
A Devillers, F Courjol, C Fradin, A Coste, D Poulain, B Pipy, ES Bernardes, ...
PloS one 8 (12), e84771, 2013
Candida albicans phospholipomannan: a sweet spot for controlling host response/inflammation
JT Fradin C, Bernardes ES
Semin Immunopathol. 37 (2), 123-30, 2015
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