Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo
Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo
Professore Associato, Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Verona
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The equivalence of two conjectures of Berge and Fulkerson
G Mazzuoccolo
Journal of Graph Theory 68 (2), 125-128, 2011
Doubly transitive 2‐factorizations
A Bonisoli, M Buratti, G Mazzuoccolo
Journal of Combinatorial Designs 15 (2), 120-132, 2007
On Cubic Bridgeless Graphs Whose Edge‐Set Cannot be Covered by Four Perfect Matchings
L Esperet, G Mazzuoccolo
Journal of Graph Theory 77 (2), 144-157, 2014
Covering a cubic graph with perfect matchings
G Mazzuoccolo
Discrete Mathematics 313 (20), 2292-2296, 2013
Edge-colorings of 4-regular graphs with the minimum number of palettes
S Bonvicini, G Mazzuoccolo
Graphs and Combinatorics 32 (4), 1293-1311, 2016
On the total coloring of generalized Petersen graphs
S Dantas, CMH de Figueiredo, G Mazzuoccolo, M Preissmann, ...
Discrete Mathematics 339 (5), 1471-1475, 2016
Measures of edge-uncolorability of cubic graphs
MA Fiol, G Mazzuoccolo, E Steffen
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 25 (4), 4-54, 2018
On the equitable total chromatic number of cubic graphs
S Dantas, CMH de Figueiredo, G Mazzuoccolo, M Preissmann, ...
Discrete Applied Mathematics 209, 84-91, 2016
Treelike snarks
M Abreu, T Kaiser, D Labbate, G Mazzuoccolo
arXiv preprint arXiv:1601.00870, 2016
On 2‐factorizations of the complete graph: From the k‐pyramidal to the universal property
S Bonvicini, G Mazzuoccolo, G Rinaldi
Journal of Combinatorial Designs 17 (3), 211-228, 2009
The structure of graphs with circular flow number 5 or more, and the complexity of their recognition problem
L Esperet, G Mazzuoccolo, M Tarsi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1501.03774, 2015
An Upper Bound for the Excessive Index of an r‐Graph
G Mazzuoccolo
Journal of Graph Theory 73 (4), 377-376, 2013
Graphs of arbitrary excessive class
G Mazzuoccolo, M Young
Discrete Mathematics 311 (1), 32-37, 2011
Flows and bisections in cubic graphs
L Esperet, G Mazzuoccolo, M Tarsi
Journal of Graph Theory 86 (2), 149-158, 2017
Perfect one-factorizations in generalized Petersen graphs
S Bonvicini, G Mazzuoccolo
Ars Combinatoria 99, 33-43, 2011
On the palette index of a graph: the case of trees
A Bonisoli, S Bonvicini, G Mazzuoccolo
Nowhere-zero 5-flows on cubic graphs with oddness 4
G Mazzuoccolo, E Steffen, 2014
Perfect one-factorizations in line-graphs and planar graphs
G Mazzuoccolo
Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 41, 227, 2008
3-regular matchstick graphs with given girth
S Kurz, G Mazzuoccolo
arXiv preprint arXiv:1401.4360, 2014
New conjectures on perfect matchings in cubic graphs
G Mazzuoccolo
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 40, 235-238, 2013
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