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Clara Alsinet Armengol
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Pivotal role of mTOR signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma
A Villanueva, DY Chiang, P Newell, J Peix, S Thung, C Alsinet, V Tovar, ...
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Notch signaling is activated in human hepatocellular carcinoma and induces tumor formation in mice
A Villanueva, C Alsinet, K Yanger, Y Hoshida, Y Zong, S Toffanin, ...
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UHRF1 overexpression drives DNA hypomethylation and hepatocellular carcinoma
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Predicting the mutations generated by repair of Cas9-induced double-strand breaks
F Allen, L Crepaldi, C Alsinet, AJ Strong, V Kleshchevnikov, P De Angeli, ...
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New strategies in hepatocellular carcinoma: genomic prognostic markers
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I Martinez-Quetglas, R Pinyol, D Dauch, S Torrecilla, V Tovar, A Moeini, ...
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Genomic determinants of protein abundance variation in colorectal cancer cells
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DNA-PK—A Candidate Driver of Hepatocarcinogenesis and Tissue Biomarker That Predicts Response to Treatment and Survival
L Cornell, JM Munck, C Alsinet, A Villanueva, L Ogle, CE Willoughby, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 21 (4), 925-933, 2015
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