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Identification of RNA-binding proteins in exosomes capable of interacting with different types of RNA: RBP-facilitated transport of RNAs into exosomes
L Statello, M Maugeri, E Garre, M Nawaz, J Wahlgren, A Papadimitriou, ...
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Linkage between endosomal escape of LNP-mRNA and loading into EVs for transport to other cells
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Uncoupling endothelial nitric oxide synthase is ameliorated by green tea in experimental diabetes by re-establishing tetrahydrobiopterin levels
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Defective autophagy in diabetic retinopathy
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Increase in AMPK brought about by cocoa is renoprotective in experimental diabetes mellitus by reducing NOX4/TGFβ-1 signaling
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Polyphenol-enriched cocoa protects the diabetic retina from glial reaction through the sirtuin pathway
DA Duarte, R Mariana Ap B, A Papadimitriou, KC Silva, VHO Amancio, ...
The Journal of nutritional biochemistry 26 (1), 64-74, 2015
Theobromine increases NAD+/Sirt-1 activity and protects the kidney under diabetic conditions
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Reduced LRP6 expression and increase in the interaction of GSK3β with p53 contribute to podocyte apoptosis in diabetes mellitus and are prevented by green tea
EB Peixoto, A Papadimitriou, DAT Teixeira, C Montemurro, DA Duarte, ...
The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 26 (4), 416-430, 2015
Inactivation of AMPK mediates high phosphate-induced extracellular matrix accumulation via NOX4/TGFss-1 signaling in human mesangial cells
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Conditioned Medium from Early-Outgrowth Bone Marrow Cells Is Retinal Protective in Experimental Model of Diabetes.
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Collecting duct cells show differential retinoic acid responses to acute versus chronic kidney injury stimuli
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Polyphenol-enriched cocoa protects the diabetic retina from glial reaction and oxidative stress through the sirtuin (SIRT-1) pathway
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DA Duarte, KC Silva, A Papadimitriou, MAB Rosales, EBM Peixoto, ...
DIABETOLOGIA 57, S476-S476, 2014
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