Aiswarya Abhisek Mohapatra
Aiswarya Abhisek Mohapatra
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Colorado Boulder
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Energy Transfer in Ternary Blend Organic Solar Cells: Recent Insights and Future Directions
AA Mohapatra, V Tiwari, S Patil
Energy & Environmental Science, 2020
Single‐component CMOS‐like logic using diketopyrrolopyrrole‐based ambipolar organic electrochemical transistors
JJ Samuel, A Garudapalli, AA Mohapatra, C Gangadharappa, S Patil, ...
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2021 IEEE 48th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 0939-0941, 2021
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MK Gish, CD Karunasena, JM Carr, WP Kopcha, AL Greenaway, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 128 (15), 6392-6400, 2024
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(Invited) Probing the Influence of the Dielectric Environment on Charge Carrier Dynamics in Semiconducting Polymers
A Ferguson, M Gish, W Kopcha, AA Mohapatra, J Carr, G Rumbles, ...
245th ECS Meeting (May 26-30, 2024), 2024
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AA Mohapatra, WK Yual, Y Zhang, AA Samoylov, J Thurston, CM Davis, ...
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Mechanistic Understanding of Organic Solar Cells: A Detailed Investigation on Role of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer, Dielectric Constant and Exciton Dynamics
AA Mohapatra
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AA Mohapatra, M Pranav Ram, S Yadav, A Mohanty, N Maity, S Patil
Proceedings of Solar Energy Technologies for Sustainable Rural Development …, 2020
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