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I want to (bud) break free: the potential role of DAM and SVP-like genes in regulating dormancy cycle in temperate fruit trees
VS Falavigna, B Guitton, E Costes, F Andrés
Frontiers in plant science 9, 409823, 2019
The sugar transporter SWEET10 acts downstream of FLOWERING LOCUS T during floral transition of Arabidopsis thaliana
F Andrés, A Kinoshita, N Kalluri, V Fernández, VS Falavigna, TMD Cruz, ...
BMC Plant Biology 20, 1-14, 2020
Differential transcriptional profiles of dormancy-related genes in apple buds
VS Falavigna, DD Porto, V Buffon, M Margis-Pinheiro, G Pasquali, ...
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 32, 796-813, 2014
Evolutionary diversification of galactinol synthases in Rosaceae: adaptive roles of galactinol and raffinose during apple bud dormancy
VS Falavigna, DD Porto, YE Miotto, HP Santos, PRD Oliveira, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 69 (5), 1247-1259, 2018
Structural genomics and transcriptional characterization of the Dormancy-Associated MADS-box genes during bud dormancy progression in apple
DD Porto, V da Silveira Falavigna, RA Arenhart, P Perini, V Buffon, ...
Tree Genetics & Genomes 12, 1-15, 2016
Unraveling the role of MADS transcription factor complexes in apple tree dormancy
V da Silveira Falavigna, E Severing, X Lai, J Estevan, I Farrera, ...
New Phytologist 232 (5), 2071-2088, 2021
Transcriptome analyses of the Dof-like gene family in grapevine reveal its involvement in berry, flower and seed development
DC Da Silva, V da Silveira Falavigna, M Fasoli, V Buffon, DD Porto, ...
Horticulture research 3, 2016
Spring is coming: genetic analyses of the bud break date locus reveal candidate genes from the cold perception pathway to dormancy release in apple (Malus× domestica Borkh.)
YE Miotto, C Tessele, ABC Czermainski, DD Porto, VS Falavigna, T Sartor, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 10, 33, 2019
Functional diversification of the dehydrin gene family in apple and its contribution to cold acclimation during dormancy
VS Falavigna, YE Miotto, DD Porto, R Anzanello, HP Santos, FB Fialho, ...
Physiologia plantarum 155 (3), 315-329, 2015
Characterization of the nucellus-specific dehydrin MdoDHN11 demonstrates its involvement in the tolerance to water deficit
VS Falavigna, J Malabarba, CP Silveira, V Buffon, JEA Mariath, ...
Plant Cell Reports 38, 1099-1107, 2019
The control of bud break and flowering time in plants: contribution of epigenetic mechanisms and consequences in agriculture and breeding
AM Cattani, T Sartor, V da Silveira Falavigna, DD Porto, CP Silveira, ...
Advances in botanical research 88, 277-325, 2018
Type-B cytokinin response regulators link hormonal stimuli and molecular responses during the transition from endo-to ecodormancy in apple buds
AM Cattani, V da Silveira Falavigna, CP Silveira, V Buffon, ...
Plant Cell Reports 39, 1687-1703, 2020
Recent advances in genetics and molecular control of bud dormancy in pipfruits
VS Falavigna, DD Porto, CP Silveira, LF Revers
Advances in plant dormancy, 107-122, 2015
The bZIP transcription factor AREB3 mediates FT signalling and floral transition at the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem
D Martignago, V da Silveira Falavigna, A Lombardi, H Gao, ...
PLoS Genetics 19 (5), e1010766, 2023
An efficient protocol for functional studies of apple transcription factors using a glucocorticoid receptor fusion system
J Estevan, S Gómez‐Jiménez, VS Falavigna, A Camuel, L Planel, ...
Applications in plant sciences 8 (10), e11396, 2020
Two modes of gene regulation by TFL1 mediate its dual function in flowering time and shoot determinacy of Arabidopsis
M Cerise, V da Silveira Falavigna, G Rodríguez-Maroto, A Signol, ...
Development 150 (23), 2023
Potential role of apple SOC1-like transcription factors in gene regulatory networks involved in bud dormancy
VS Falavigna, E Severing, J Estevan, I Farrera, V Hugouvieux, LF Revers, ...
I International Symposium on Reproductive Biology of Fruit Tree Species 1342 …, 2021
Unraveling the role of MADS transcription factor complexes in apple tree dormancy using sequential DAP-seq
VS Falavigna, E Severing, X Lai, J Estevan, I Farrera, V Hugouvieux, ...
bioRxiv, 2021.02. 21.431301, 2021
Fruit Tree adaptation to environmental stresses: new challenges for studying tree physiological responses and for breeding
E Costes, B Pallas, F Andres-Lalaguna, A Coupel-Ledru, V Falavigna, ...
Análise funcional e potencial biotecnológico de desidrinas e galactinol sintases de macieira
VS Falavigna
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