Laurence Pruvost
Laurence Pruvost
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Observation of an electronic correlation for double-Rydberg states of barium
P Camus, TF Gallagher, JM Lecomte, P Pillet, L Pruvost, J Boulmer
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Cold atom beam splitter realized with two crossing dipole guides
O Houde, D Kadio, L Pruvost
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Expansion and cooling of a bright rubidium three-dimensional optical molasses
L Pruvost, I Serre, HT Duong, J Jortner
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Guiding and cooling of cold atoms in a dipole guide
L Pruvost, D Marescaux, O Houde, HT Duong
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Photoassociation spectroscopy of Rb 2 87 (5 s 1∕ 2+ 5 p 1∕ 2) 0 g− long-range molecular states: Analysis by Lu-Fano graph and improved LeRoy-Bernstein formula
H Jelassi, BV De Lesegno, L Pruvost
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A Chopinaud, M Jacquey, BV de Lesegno, L Pruvost
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A Jaouadi, N Gaaloul, BV de Lesegno, M Telmini, L Pruvost, E Charron
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Long-distance channeling of cold atoms exiting a 2D magneto-optical trap by a Laguerre–Gaussian laser beam
V Carrat, C Cabrera-Gutiérrez, M Jacquey, JW Tabosa, BV de Lesegno, ...
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M Mestre, F Diry, B Viaris de Lesegno, L Pruvost
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Multipole structure in asymmetrical double Rydberg states
P Camus, S Cohen, L Pruvost, A Bolovinos
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Storage of orbital angular momenta of light via coherent population oscillation
AJF De Almeida, S Barreiro, WS Martins, RA De Oliveira, D Felinto, ...
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H Jelassi, BV De Lesegno, L Pruvost
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Negative experimental evidence for magneto-orbital dichroism
R Mathevet, BV de Lesegno, L Pruvost, GLJA Rikken
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Reexamination of the LeRoy-Bernstein formula for weakly bound molecules
H Jelassi, BV de Lesegno, L Pruvost
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A concave mirror for cold atoms
D Kadio, O Houde, L Pruvost
Europhysics Letters 54 (4), 417, 2001
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