Wolfgang M. Klesse
Wolfgang M. Klesse
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A complete fabrication route for atomic-scale, donor-based devices in single-crystal germanium
G Scappucci, G Capellini, B Johnston, WM Klesse, JA Miwa, MY Simmons
Nano letters 11 (6), 2272-2279, 2011
New avenues to an old material: controlled nanoscale doping of germanium
G Scappucci, G Capellini, WM Klesse, MY Simmons
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Phosphorus atomic layer doping of germanium by the stacking of multiple δ layers
G Scappucci, G Capellini, WM Klesse, MY Simmons
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Preparation of the Ge (001) surface towards fabrication of atomic-scale germanium devices
WM Klesse, G Scappucci, G Capellini, MY Simmons
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The electronic structure of ε-Ga2O3
M Mulazzi, F Reichmann, A Becker, WM Klesse, P Alippi, V Fiorentini, ...
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Decoupling of graphene from Ni (111) via formation of an interfacial NiO layer
Y Dedkov, W Klesse, A Becker, F Späth, C Papp, E Voloshina
Carbon 121, 10-16, 2017
Bottom-up assembly of metallic germanium
G Scappucci, WM Klesse, LRA Yeoh, DJ Carter, O Warschkow, NA Marks, ...
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Phosphorus molecules on Ge (001): a playground for controlled n-doping of germanium at high densities
G Mattoni, WM Klesse, G Capellini, MY Simmons, G Scappucci
ACS nano 7 (12), 11310-11316, 2013
Stacking of 2D electron gases in Ge probed at the atomic level and its correlation to low-temperature magnetotransport
G Scappucci, WM Klesse, AR Hamilton, G Capellini, DL Jaeger, ...
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Compositional dependence of the band-gap of Ge1−xySixSny alloys
T Wendav, IA Fischer, M Montanari, MH Zoellner, W Klesse, G Capellini, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (24), 242104, 2016
Atomic layer doping of strained Ge-on-insulator thin films with high electron densities
WM Klesse, G Scappucci, G Capellini, JM Hartmann, MY Simmons
Applied Physics Letters 102 (15), 151103, 2013
Mapping the electromagnetic field confinement in the gap of germanium nanoantennas with plasma wavelength of 4.5 micrometers
E Calandrini, T Venanzi, F Appugliese, M Badioli, V Giliberti, ...
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n-Type doping of germanium from phosphine: early stages resolved at the atomic level
G Scappucci, O Warschkow, G Capellini, WM Klesse, DR McKenzie, ...
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Spontaneous breaking of time-reversal symmetry in strongly interacting two-dimensional electron layers in silicon and germanium
S Shamim, S Mahapatra, G Scappucci, WM Klesse, MY Simmons, ...
Physical review letters 112 (23), 236602, 2014
Dual-temperature encapsulation of phosphorus in germanium δ‐layers toward ultra-shallow junctions
G Scappucci, G Capellini, WM Klesse, MY Simmons
Journal of Crystal Growth 316 (1), 81-84, 2011
Sn migration control at high temperature due to high deposition speed for forming high-quality GeSn layer
N Taoka, G Capellini, N von den Driesch, D Buca, P Zaumseil, ...
Applied Physics Express 9 (3), 031201, 2016
Dephasing rates for weak localization and universal conductance fluctuations in two dimensional Si: P and Ge: P δ-layers
S Shamim, S Mahapatra, G Scappucci, WM Klesse, MY Simmons, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-9, 2017
Selective growth of fully relaxed GeSn nano-islands by nanoheteroepitaxy on patterned Si (001)
V Schlykow, WM Klesse, G Niu, N Taoka, Y Yamamoto, O Skibitzki, ...
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E Calandrini, M Ortolani, A Nucara, G Scappucci, WM Klesse, ...
Journal of Optics 16 (9), 094010, 2014
Alternative high n-type doping techniques in germanium
G Capellini, WM Klesse, G Mattoni, MY Simmons, G Scappucci
ECS Transactions 64 (11), 163, 2014
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