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Bárbara do Nascimento Borges
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MYC Deregulation in Gastric Cancer and Its Clinicopathological Implications
CRT de Souza, MF Leal, DQ Calcagno, EK Costa Sozinho, BN Borges, ...
PloS one 8 (5), e64420, 2013
Comparative phylogenetic study of Stichotrichia (Alveolata: Ciliophora: Spirotrichea) based on 18S-rDNA sequences
TS Paiva, BN Borges, ML Harada, ID Silva-Neto
Genet. Mol. Res 8 (1), 223-246, 2009
Survivin-31C/G polymorphism and gastric cancer risk in a Brazilian population
BN Borges, RR Burbano, ML Harada
Clinical and experimental medicine 11, 189-193, 2011
Deregulated expression of SRC, LYN and CKB kinases by DNA methylation and its potential role in gastric cancer invasiveness and metastasis
AA Mello, MF Leal, JA Rey, GR Pinto, LM Lamarao, RC Montenegro, ...
PloS one 10 (10), e0140492, 2015
Promoter polymorphisms and methylation of E-cadherin (CDH1) and KIT in gastric cancer patients from northern Brazil
BDN Borges, EDS Santos, CEMC Bastos, LC Pinto, NP Anselmo, ...
Anticancer research 30 (6), 2225-2233, 2010
An Antarctic hypotrichous ciliate, Parasterkiella thompsoni (Foissner) nov. gen., nov. comb., recorded in Argentinean peat-bogs: morphology, morphogenesis, and molecular phylogeny
GC Küppers, T da Silva Paiva, B do Nascimento Borges, ML Harada, ...
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Perspectives on new biomarkers in gastric cancer: diagnostic and prognostic applications
D do Rosário Pinheiro, WAS Ferreira, MBL Barros, MD Araújo, ...
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Phylogenetic study of Class Armophorea (Alveolata, Ciliophora) based on 18S-rDNA data
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Genotyping and prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis infection among women in Belém, Pará, northern Brazil
DM Brasiliense, BN Borges, WAS Ferreira
The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries 10 (02), 134-137, 2016
Morphology and 18S rDNA phylogeny of Hemicycliostyla sphagni (Ciliophora, Hypotricha) from Brazil with redefinition of the genus Hemicycliostyla
TS Paiva, BN Borges, ID Silva-Neto, ML Harada
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 62 (1 …, 2012
Molecular phylogeny and comparative morphology indicate that odontostomatids (Alveolata, Ciliophora) form a distinct class-level taxon related to Armophorea
NM Fernandes, VF Vizzoni, BN Borges, CAG Soares, ID da Silva-Neto, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 126, 382-389, 2018
Fine Structure and Molecular Phylogeny of Parametopidium circumlabens (Ciliophora: Armophorea), Endocommensal of Sea Urchins
ID da Silva‐Neto, T da Silva Paiva, B do Nascimento Borges, ML Harada
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 63 (1), 46-61, 2016
Endophytic bacteria from Piper tuberculatum Jacq.: isolation, molecular characterization, and in vitro screening for the control of Fusarium solani f. sp piperis, the causal …
SB Nascimento, AM Lima, BN Borges, CRB De Souza
Genet. Mol. Res 14 (3), 7567-7577, 2015
An update on the epigenetics of glioblastomas
WAS Ferreira, DR Pinheiro, CA Costa Junior, S Rodrigues-Antunes, ...
Epigenomics 8 (9), 1289-1305, 2016
Levels of MeLEA3, a cDNA sequence coding for an atypical late embryogenesis abundant protein in cassava, increase under in vitro salt stress treatment
C de Nazaré Monteiro Costa, ABS Brígida, B do Nascimento Borges, ...
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 29, 997-1005, 2011
Analysis of the methylation patterns of the p16 INK4A , p15 INK4B , and APC genes in gastric …
B do Nascimento Borges, RMR Burbano, ML Harada
Tumor Biology 34, 2127-2133, 2013
Description and Phylogeny of Urostyla grandis wiackowskii subsp. nov. (Ciliophora, Hypotricha) from an Estuarine Mangrove in Brazil
TS Paiva, C Shao, NM Fernandes, BN Borges, ID da Silva‐Neto
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 63 (2), 247-261, 2016
Genetic screening analysis of patients with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer from northern and northeastern Brazil
CA Moreira-Nunes, MBL Barros, B do Nascimento Borges, ...
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Expression analysis of genes involved in the RB/E2F pathway in astrocytic tumors
WAS Ferreira, MD Araujo, NP Anselmo, EHC de Oliveira, JRN Brito, ...
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Deregulation of MYC and TP53 through genetic and epigenetic alterations in gallbladder carcinomas
G Ishak, MF Leal, NPC Dos Santos, S Demachki, CAM Nunes, ...
Clinical and experimental medicine 15, 421-426, 2015
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