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Recent progress in the assembly of nanodevices and van der Waals heterostructures by deterministic placement of 2D materials
R Frisenda, E Navarro-Moratalla, P Gant, DP De Lara, P Jarillo-Herrero, ...
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Micro-reflectance and transmittance spectroscopy: a versatile and powerful tool to characterize 2D materials
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Characterization of highly crystalline lead iodide nanosheets prepared by room-temperature solution processing
R Frisenda, JO Island, JL Lado, E Giovanelli, P Gant, P Nagler, S Bange, ...
Nanotechnology 28 (45), 455703, 2017
Polarization‐Sensitive and Broadband Photodetection Based on a Mixed‐Dimensionality TiS3/Si p–n Junction
Y Niu, R Frisenda, E Flores, JR Ares, W Jiao, D Perez de Lara, C Sánchez, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 6 (19), 1800351, 2018
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Feasibility investigation of NbN nanowires as detector in time-of-flight mass spectrometers for macromolecules of interest in biology (proteins)
DP de Lara, M Ejrnaes, A Casaburi, M Lisitskiy, R Cristiano, S Pagano, ...
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 151 (3), 771-776, 2008
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