Saurabh Jyoti Sarma
Saurabh Jyoti Sarma
Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Bennett University, India
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Microbial hydrogen production by bioconversion of crude glycerol: A review
SJ Sarma, SK Brar, EB Sydney, Y Le Bihan, G Buelna, CR Soccol
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T Kadri, T Rouissi, SK Brar, M Cledon, S Sarma, M Verma
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Finding knowledge gaps in aerobic granulation technology
SJ Sarma, JH Tay, A Chu
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Evidence of metabolic shift on hydrogen, ethanol and 1, 3-propanediol production from crude glycerol by nitrogen sparging under micro-aerobic conditions using co-culture of …
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Surfactant aided biodegradation of pyrene using immobilized cells of Mycobacterium frederiksbergense
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Bio-hydrogen production by biodiesel-derived crude glycerol bioconversion: a techno-economic evaluation
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Recent development in applications of important biopolymer chitosan in biomedicine, pharmaceuticals and personal care products
G Singh Dhillon, S Kaur, S Jyoti Sarma, S Kaur Brar, M Verma, ...
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Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 91 (8), 2331-2339, 2016
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