Valter Henrique Carvalho-Silva
Valter Henrique Carvalho-Silva
Goias State University
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Uniform description of non-Arrhenius temperature dependence of reaction rates, and a heuristic criterion for quantum tunneling vs classical non-extensive distribution
VHC Silva, V Aquilanti, HCB de Oliveira, KC Mundim
Chemical Physics Letters 590, 201-207, 2013
Kinetics of low-temperature transitions and a reaction rate theory from non-equilibrium distributions
V Aquilanti, ND Coutinho, VH Carvalho-Silva
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2017
Morita–Baylis–Hillman Reaction: ESI-MS (/MS) Investigation with Charge Tags and Ionic Liquid Effect Origin Revealed by DFT Calculations
TS Rodrigues, VHC Silva, PM Lalli, HCB de Oliveira, WA da Silva, ...
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Stereodynamical Origin of Anti-Arrhenius Kinetics: Negative Activation Energy and Roaming for a Four-Atom Reaction
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Deformed transition‐state theory: Deviation from A rrhenius behavior and application to bimolecular hydrogen transfer reaction rates in the tunneling regime
VH Carvalho‐Silva, V Aquilanti, HCB de Oliveira, KC Mundim
Journal of computational chemistry 38 (3), 178-188, 2017
Temperature dependence of rate processes beyond Arrhenius and Eyring: Activation and Transitivity
VH Carvalho-Silva, ND Coutinho, V Aquilanti
Frontiers in chemistry 7, 380, 2019
Combined Role of the Asymmetric Counteranion-Directed Catalysis (ACDC) and Ionic Liquid Effect for the Enantioselective Biginelli Multicomponent Reaction
HGO Alvim, DLJ Pinheiro, VH Carvalho-Silva, M Fioramonte, FC Gozzo, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 83 (19), 12143-12153, 2018
Stereodirectional Origin of anti-Arrhenius Kinetics for a Tetraatomic Hydrogen Exchange Reaction: Born–Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics for OH + HBr
ND Coutinho, V Aquilanti, VHC Silva, AJ Camargo, KC Mundim, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120 (27), 5408-5417, 2016
Methanol Solvation Effect on the Proton Rearrangement of Curcumin’s Enol Forms: An Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics and Electronic Structure Viewpoint
LG Santin, EM Toledo, VH Carvalho-Silva, AJ Camargo, R Gargano, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (36), 19923-19931, 2016
Description of the effect of temperature on food systems using the deformed Arrhenius rate law: deviations from linearity in logarithmic plots vs. inverse temperature
ND Coutinho, VHC Silva, KC Mundim, HCB de Oliveira
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Selective endocytic trafficking in live cells with fluorescent naphthoxazoles and their boron complexes
GG Dias, BL Rodrigues, JM Resende, HDR Calado, CA de Simone, ...
Chemical Communications 51 (44), 9141-9144, 2015
From statistical thermodynamics to molecular kinetics: the change, the chance and the choice
V Aquilanti, EP Borges, ND Coutinho, KC Mundim, VH Carvalho-Silva
Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali 29 (4), 787-802, 2018
A novel assessment of the role of the methyl radical and water formation channel in the CH 3 OH+ H reaction
FO Sanches-Neto, ND Coutinho, VH Carvalho-Silva
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (36), 24467-24477, 2017
Contribution of directional dihydrogen interactions in the supramolecular assembly of single crystals: quantum chemical and structural investigation of C17H17N3O2 azine
LR de Almeida, PS Carvalho Jr, HB Napolitano, SS Oliveira, AJ Camargo, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 17 (10), 5145-5153, 2017
Design of apolar chitosan-type adsorbent for removal of Cu (II) and Pb (II): An experimental and DFT viewpoint of the complexation process
CL Vieira, FOS Neto, VH Carvalho-Silva, R Signini
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 7 (3), 103070, 2019
Kinetics of the OH+HCl→H2O+Cl reaction: Rate determining roles of stereodynamics and roaming and of quantum tunneling
ND Coutinho, FO Sanches‐Neto, VH Carvalho‐Silva, HCB de Oliveira, ...
Journal of computational chemistry 39 (30), 2508-2516, 2018
Fully relativistic rovibrational energies and spectroscopic constants of the lowest, A′:(1) 2 u, A:(1) 1 u, and states of molecular chlorine
DFS Machado, VHC Silva, CS Esteves, R Gargano, LGM Macedo, ...
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“Transitivity”: a code for computing kinetic and related parameters in chemical transformations and transport phenomena
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Rovibrational spectroscopic constants of the interaction between ammonia and metallo-phthalocyanines: a theoretical protocol for ammonia sensor design
AR Baggio, DFS Machado, VH Carvalho-Silva, LG Paterno, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (17), 10843-10853, 2017
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