Daniela de Fátima Teixeira da Silva
Daniela de Fátima Teixeira da Silva
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Effects of low-intensity polarized visible laser radiation on skin burns: a light microscopy study
MS Ribeiro, DDFT Da Silva, CEN De Araújo, SF De Oliveira, ...
Journal of clinical laser medicine & surgery 22 (1), 59-66, 2004
Modulating effect of low level-laser therapy on fibrosis in the repair process of the tibialis anterior muscle in rats
AN Alves, KPS Fernandes, CAV Melo, RY Yamaguchi, CM França, ...
Lasers in medical science 29 (2), 813-821, 2014
Effects of 1047-nm neodymium laser radiation on skin wound healing
MS Ribeiro, D de Fátima Teixeira da Silva, EP Maldonado, W de Rossi, ...
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The influence of red laser irradiation timeline on burn healing in rats
SC Núñez, CM França, DFT Silva, GEC Nogueira, RA Prates, MS Ribeiro
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Collagen birefringence in skin repair in response to red polarized-laser therapy
DFT da Silva, B de Campos Vidal, DM Zezell, TMT Zorn, SC Núñez, ...
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The optical properties of mouse skin in the visible and near infrared spectral regions
CP Sabino, AM Deana, TM Yoshimura, DFT da Silva, CM França, ...
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Cognitive P300 potential in subjects with diabetes mellitus
KF Alvarenga, JL Duarte, DPC Silva, RS Agostinho-Pesse, CA Negrato, ...
Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia 71 (2), 202-207, 2005
Potencial cognitivo P300 em indivíduos com diabetes mellitus
KF Alvarenga, JL Duarte, DPC Silva, RS Agostinho-Pesse, CA Negrato, ...
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Controlling the cytotoxicity of CdSe magic-sized quantum dots as a function of surface defect density
AC Almeida Silva, MJB Silva, FAC Da Luz, DP Silva, SLV De Deus, ...
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Effect of low-level laser therapy on the modulation of the mitochondrial activity of macrophages
NHC Souza, RAM Ferrari, DFT Silva, FD Nunes, SK Bussadori, ...
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Tissue responses to postoperative laser therapy in diabetic rats submitted to excisional wounds
C de Loura Santana, DFT Silva, AM Deana, RA Prates, AP Souza, ...
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Photobiomodulation with 660-nm and 780-nm laser on activated J774 macrophage-like cells: effect on M1 inflammatory markers
KPS Fernandes, NHC Souza, RA Mesquita-Ferrari, DFT da Silva, ...
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Effect of laser therapy on skeletal muscle repair process in diabetic rats
CM França, C de Loura Santana, CB Takahashi, AN Alves, APDS Mernick, ...
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Effective transmission of light for media culture, plates and tubes
DFT Silva, RA Mesquita‐Ferrari, KPS Fernandes, MP Raele, NU Wetter, ...
Photochemistry and photobiology 88 (5), 1211-1216, 2012
Secure crypto-biometric system for cloud computing
DG Martínez, FJG Castano, EA Rúa, JLA Castro, DAR Silva
2011 1st International Workshop on Securing Services on the Cloud (IWSSC), 38-45, 2011
Linear low-density polyethylene and zirconium phosphate nanocomposites: evidence from thermal, thermo-mechanical, morphological and low-field nuclear magnetic resonance techniques
LC Mendes, DF Silva, AS Lino
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Oral changes in individuals undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
RH Barrach, MP Souza, DPC Silva, PS Lopez, JC Montovani
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Zirconium phosphate organically intercalated/exfoliated with long chain amine
LC Mendes, DF Silva, LJF Araujo, AS Lino
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 118 (3), 1461-1469, 2014
Birefringence and second harmonic generation on tendon collagen following red linearly polarized laser irradiation
DFT Silva, ASL Gomes, B de Campos Vidal, MS Ribeiro
Annals of biomedical engineering 41 (4), 752-762, 2013
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