Vanessa Rioli
Vanessa Rioli
Pesquisadora científica, Instituto Butantan
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Hemopressin is an inverse agonist of CB1 cannabinoid receptors
AS Heimann, I Gomes, CS Dale, RL Pagano, A Gupta, LL de Souza, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (51), 20588-20593, 2007
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Neuropeptide specificity and inhibition of recombinant isoforms of the endopeptidase 3.4. 24.16 family: comparison with the related recombinant endopeptidase 3.4. 24.15
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ACE gene titration in mice uncovers a new mechanism for ACE on the control of body weight
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Natural intracellular peptides can modulate the interactions of mouse brain proteins and thimet oligopeptidase with 14‐3‐3ε and calmodulin
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Hemopressin: a novel bioactive peptide derived from the alpha1-chain of hemoglobin
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A novel bradykinin potentiating peptide isolated from Bothrops jararacussu venom using catallytically inactive oligopeptidase EP24.15
V Rioli, BC Prezoto, K Konno, RL Melo, CF Klitzke, ES Ferro, ...
The FEBS journal 275 (10), 2442-2454, 2008
Peptidomic analysis of the anterior temporal lobe and corpus callosum from schizophrenia patients
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A structure‐based site‐directed mutagenesis study on the neurolysin (EC 3.4. 24.16) and thimet oligopeptidase (EC 3.4. 24.15) catalysis
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NB Dos Santos, RD Franco, R Camarini, CD Munhoz, RAS Eichler, ...
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Disintegrin-like/cysteine-rich domains of the reprolysin HF3: Site-directed mutagenesis reveals essential role of specific residues
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Protein and Peptide Letters 11 (5), 415-421, 2004
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