Giancarlo Conde Xavier Oliveira
Giancarlo Conde Xavier Oliveira
Professor of Evolution and Genetics
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Leaf shape analysis using the multiscale Minkowski fractal dimension, a new morphometric method: a study with Passiflora (Passifloraceae)
RO Plotze, M Falvo, JG Pádua, LC Bernacci, MLC Vieira, GCX Oliveira, ...
Canadian Journal of Botany 83 (3), 287-301, 2005
RAPD variation within and between natural populations of the wild rice Oryza rufipogon from China and Brazil
S Ge, GCX Oliveira, BA Schaal, LZ Gao, D Hong
Heredity 82 (6), 638-644, 1999
Variation in the loss of seed dormancy during after-ripening of wild and cultivated rice species
EA Veasey, MG Karasawa, PP Santos, MS Rosa, E Mamani, GCX Oliveira
Annals of Botany 94 (6), 875-882, 2004
Genetic Variation in Three Endangered Species of Encholirium (Bromeliaceae) from Cadeia do Espinhaço, Brazil, Setected using RAPD Markers
MM Cavallari, RC Forzza, EA Veasey, MI Zucchi, GCX Oliveira
Biodiversity & Conservation 15 (14), 4357-4373, 2006
Cutaneous alternariosis by Alternaria chartarum in a renal transplanted patient
S Magina, C Lisboa, P Santos, G Oliveira, J Lopes, M Rocha, ...
British Journal of Dermatology 142 (6), 1261-1262, 2000
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers from the sweet passion fruit (Passiflora alata Curtis: Passifloraceae)
JG Pádua, EJ Oliveira, MI Zucchi, GCX Oliveira, LEA Camargo, ...
Molecular Ecology Notes 5 (4), 863-865, 2005
The chloroplast genome of Passiflora edulis (Passifloraceae) assembled from long sequence reads: structural organization and phylogenomic studies in Malpighiales
LA Cauz-Santos, CF Munhoz, N Rodde, S Cauet, AA Santos, HA Penha, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 334, 2017
Mating System of Brazilian Oryza glumaepatula Populations Studied with Microsatellite Markers
MMG Karasawa, R Vencovsky, CM Silva, MI Zucchi, GCX Oliveira, ...
Annals of botany 99 (2), 245-253, 2007
Morphoagronomic genetic diversity in American wild rice species
EA Veasey, EF Silva, EA Schammass, GCX Oliveira, A Ando
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology 51 (1), 94-104, 2008
Interspecific xenia and metaxenia in seeds and fruits of tomato
FA Piotto, KD Batagin-Piotto, M Almeida, GCX Oliveira
Scientia Agricola 70 (2), 102-107, 2013
Diversidade e estrutura genética espacial em populações fragmentadas de Solanum spp. do Cerrado, estimadas por meio de locos microssatélites
TM de Moura¹, AM Sebbenn, LJ Chaves, ASG Coelho, GCX Oliveira, ...
Scientia Forestalis 37 (82), 143-150, 2009
Genetic structure of Brazilian wild rice (Oryza glumaepatula Steud., Poaceae) populations analyzed using microsatellite markers
MMG Karasawa, R Vencovsky, CM Silva, MI Zucchi, GCX Oliveira, ...
Genetics and Molecular Biology 30 (2), 400-410, 2007
Alterations in the central vasopressin and oxytocin axis after lesion of a brain osmotic sensory region
GR Oliveira, CR Franci, GV Rodovalho, JAA Franci, M Morris, MJA Rocha
Brain research bulletin 63 (6), 515-520, 2004
Species delimitation of Cattleya coccinea and C. mantiqueirae (Orchidaceae): insights from phylogenetic and population genetics analyses
JF Rodrigues, C van den Berg, AG Abreu, M Novello, EA Veasey, ...
Plant Systematics and Evolution 301 (5), 1345-1359, 2015
Geographic distribution of wild Oryza species in Brasil
GCX Oliveira
Investigations of Plant Genetic Resources in the Amazon Basin With the …, 1994
Padrões de variação fenotípica e ecologia de Oryzae (Poaceae) selvagens da Amazônia
GCX Oliveira, PS Martins
Phylogenetic relationships in Solanaceae and related species based on cpDNA sequence from plastid trnE-trnT region
DM Melotto-Passarin, IJ Berger, K Dressano, VF De Martin, GCX Oliveira, ...
Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology 8 (1), 2008
Physiological regulation of brain angiotensin receptor mRNA in AT1a deficient mice
MJA Rocha, Y Chen, GR Oliveira, M Morris
Experimental neurology 195 (1), 229-235, 2005
Evolution of methodology for the study of adaptability and stability in cultivated species.
LCB Carvalho, KJD Silva, MM ROCHA, GCX Oliveira
Embrapa Meio-Norte-Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE), 2016
Comparison of microsatellites and isozymes in genetic diversity studies of Oryza glumaepatula (Poaceae) populations
MMG Karasawa, R Vencovsky, CM Silva, DC Cardim, EA Bressan, ...
Revista de biologia tropical 60 (4), 1463-1478, 2012
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